Day 4 – Lions – YES!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Travel To Harare, Zimbabwe
We had been told early in our stay that the lions had been dispersed by two marauding males from another area and had not been seen for a few days. The rangers were not sure if they would come back which was a bit disappointing. We were about 45 min into our drive when the call came through that lions had been sighted on the reserve. Obviously, this was exciting as it is the animal everyone associates with Africa.

 There were three young lions, 2 males and one female . They identified as part of the original pack of nine. It was amazing how calm they were and how close we could get. They just looked at us with " an arrogance" as if to say “don't mess with us”. What did stir them up was a group out horse riding quite closeby. Luckily, they got the message and they rode off so everything settled down pretty quickly.

 After the lions, we were driving through a stand of trees, when we ran into another herd of elephants. It was a bit tense for a while as they were upset at being split up by us. One of the young males got very agitated and started trumpeting and smashed down a couple of trees quite near our vehicle. Even Richard, our ranger thought it better to get out as quickly as possible.

This was our last evening at Mashatu as the next day we were travelling to Harare, Zimbabwe. Our first safari had been an exciting and remarkable experience for both of us.

Finally, a few words on Botswana, a country not very well known to many of us. It is very stable and peaceful, the people are incredibly friendly and very respectful of others. The citizens respect the laws of the country which are quite strict and are the envy of some of the surrounding countries. Put it on your bucket list if you can.