Imbabala Camp and More Safaris

Monday, May 04, 2015
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
The Imbabala Camp is about 70 km from Victoria Falls on the banks of the Zambezi River. It consists of 8 villas built in the style of traditional African houses featuring thatched roofs. There is a common area and meals are eaten in the outdoor area overlooking the river. There are resident baboons and impala. We love the place.

Our first outing was a river cruise along the Zambezi and the surrounding waterways . We immediately came upon a group of hippopotamus in the water. They spend most of the day immersed and feed on grass at night. They have huge heads and gaping mouths and are considered extremely dangerous mainly because they are fiercely territorial – there are more human deaths from hippos than any other animal.

Further up the river we found a large herd of elephants around a water hole. There were a number of young ones pushing each other around and others were walloping in the mud. We watched them for about 30 min – you never get tired of looking at these magnificent creatures. At this waterhole we also saw our first crocodile.

The other 2 people on the boat were bird experts and we were lucky enough to have them point out lots of native birds. In the two days we were with them, they found over 60 different species including a couple of rare ones.

There were quite a lot of other animals at various locations and we finished by having cocktails while moored on the banks of the river.

Dinner was outside under the stars. We had one special guest for dinner that night – a huge hippo which was grazing on the grass about 20 m from us. He was totally unconcerned about us and stayed for about 1 hr before wandering off towards the river.

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