Camden, Maine, United States

Friday, June 09, 2017
Camden, Maine, United States
Camden is a town of about 5,000 people on the mid- coast region of Mains. The Maine coastline from the Canadian border to the city of Portland is full of bays, peninsulas and islands. Camden is on Penobscot Bay, the biggest bay in the region, on the opposite side to Deer Island which we visited a couple of weeks ago. It is a tourism mecca in the summer when the population triples, so it was a good time for us to be here. There are also lots of summer homes owned by people form Boston, New York and further afield. It’s a very attractive town and talking to the people who live here, a really friendly and safe place to live.
We rented a cute 2 bedroom cottage for 9 days within walking distance of the main street and harbour. Again, it was nice to have a base where to relax and not live out of a suitcase - thoroughly recommend to anyone who has the time, to rent a place for at least part of your holiday. We have used in both the US and Europe and found it to be excellent.
Apart from the winter months, life here centres around the harbour and the waterfront area, lot of open bars and restaurants as well yachts and schooners, either for private use or for tourist trips. What also caught our attention was the amount of work people were doing cleaning up their gardens, planting flowers and mowing lawns. Considering it was spring and, unlike many places in Australia or even Maui, the town has 4 distinct seasons. Drive out of town in any direction and there were garden centres doing huge business. Even while we were here the flowers were starting to bloom so it would be amazing in summer.
One of our first activities here was to go for a 2 hr cruise on the two-masted schooner, the Surprise, which was built in 1917-18 and is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. The 2 hr cruise took us into Penobscot Bay, past Curtis Island lighthouse and between some of the islands in the bay. A number of the islands are protected parks and home to seals, which we saw sunning themselves in the evening sun, as well as other animals.
Camden Hills State Park is one of the many State and National parks in Maine which  are popular with hikers and campers. We walked one of the trails in the park to the top of Mt Battie where there is a panoramic view of the whole area stretching from the rolling hills at the back to deer Island on the other side of Penobscot Bay. The weather while we were in Camden was great so we were able to do lots of walks around the area as well as swim in Penobscot Bay, slightly chilly , not bad considering they are just out of winter. The waterfront area between Camden and Rockpool which is the next village is really lovely with lots of amazing timber houses overlooking the water. The only disappointing thing was that like so many areas in the US, some residents put “Private Property” signs on streets and laneways leading down to the water that to us appear to be public and are even marked in our GPS. Nevertheless, there are enough vantage points with incredible views.
The next entry will be about the trips we did throughout the area from here. Be assured there are lots of lovely bays and places to see here.