Last Full Day of Camp

Thursday, August 17, 2017
Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
I woke up some time before the alarm went off to the sound of rain and water dripping off the eves of the building. It’s a pleasant sound to drift back off to sleep to. But when the alarm went off and I still heard the rain dripping I began to consider what we were going to do today! Nearly all of our activities are outside, and a rainstorm would make them difficult or impossible. So as I was getting around I was considering what we could do, how we might be able to shift things around, and I also prayed that God would provide exactly what we needed.
By the time we went down for breakfast, it had stopped raining. If it didn’t start, we figured we’d be OK with the activities. And it didn’t rain anymore! By the time we’d finished breakfast and the Christian Living class, everything was dry enough that we followed the schedule as it had been prepared with no problems! And the overcast skies we’ve had most of camp have helped keep the temperatures down from what they can be this time of year!
Mr. Joseph Baah, pastor for Winneba and Kuntanase gave the Christian Living class today. He gave a general encouragement to keep the vision of the kingdom in mind through a focus on obedience to God.
Other groups are coming and going from the compound. One group packed up and their busses took them off by late morning, and in the afternoon several other busses and vehicles arrived with what appears to be another group. We also have informed the management that we will not be coming back here for the Feast. She protested, but there are too many difficulties, and none of us feel comfortable bring the Feast to this location – as convenient and good of a place as it is. Reuel Dima has made some calls, and it appears that a place we’ve used several times before, in the town of Mfensi, is available to us and on the dates we need. Things have often worked out at the last minutes in Ghana, but God has always opened the doors we need by the time we need them!
We did have one potentially more serious injury this afternoon. A teen named Grace from Elmina hurt her knee fairly badly while playing Ultimate Frisbee. But I believe she helped her team score the winning goal as she went down! We aren’t sure if she twisted it or perhaps it bent sideways. One of the pastors tugged and pushed on it, which obviously caused her a lot of pain. Several of us with some at least rudimentary first aid training cringed mightly, but it is largely out of our control. And had we taken her to the local clinic it is likely they would have done the same things.
She was carried back to her dorm, and later at dinner one of the leaders went to a local Chemist (pharmacy) and bought an ACE bandage and also bought some ice. Wrapping it and icing it did seem to help. We gave her two ibuprofen before she went to bed, and we’ll see how she is doing in the morning.
Every year toward the end of camp the campers all put on skits. They are always biblically based, and generally focused on the theme of camp that year. Because of the echo in the large room, combined with the heavy accents and the constant noise from the audience, it was virtually impossible for me to understand much of anything that was said. I do know one was a recreation of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego standing before Nebuchadnezzar. The second was a recreation of the Prodigal Son. I’m not certain what the last two were, but the campers all seemed to enjoy them.
Tomorrow we have a partial day of classes, ending one class after lunch when we will all meet on the soccer field for an all-camp game. They everyone has more time to wash and change and prepare for the beginning of the Sabbath. We’ll have dinner and then a Q & A Bible study for the last evening us Westerners will have on camp. Thank you to all who have been praying about the success and safety of our camp program!
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