Last day of camp - ending well

Friday, August 18, 2017
Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
A new group (or two) came on camp last night, and they were up and talking loudly by 5:30 or so this morning. I dozed for a little bit more, but much more sleep wasn’t going to be possible. So up for the last day!
Cody Kitts had the final Christian Living class, and he gave one of the finest of such classes I’ve heard in a long time! He started by talking about the Explorer’s Grand Slam: climbing the highest peaks on all 7 continents plus reaching both the north and south pole by going the last 150 km under your own power. Then he brought in Colin O’Brady, who accomplished this feat – one of only 50 to do so – after overcoming a severe accident that could have left him unable to walk. He then used that to show how with a goal in mind, and perseverance, we can work to accomplish it. Of course, for the Kingdom of God it also requires God’s help, but He doesn’t do it all for us!
Afterwards we had our three last activity periods, two before and one after lunch. Then the entire camp went to the soccer field for the All-Camp soccer games. The girls didn’t seem as much into playing as the boys, so the four boys teams battled it out, with what I believe is called a shoot out at the end to determine the top team.
We each had a little time to pack a bit and prepare for dinner and the Sabbath. True to form, nobody was in the dining hall by the time dinner was to be served. But no worries, some things just run on Ghana time!
We enjoyed our final dinner on camp, fried rice with vegetables, fish (the whole thing, scaled and then fried), and an option of kenkey and some traditional hot sauces. There was also some fresh fruit – which we’ve enjoyed all camp long. And we had our final coconuts. Joseph Baah graciously took the large knife and opened the coconuts for us. It was good to have them one last time!
We ended the evening with a question and answer Bible study. There were five of us in total up front. I asked Cody Kitts and Cliff Demarest as well as the two Ghanaian pastors to join me at the front. As usual, the campers asked some very good questions. Here is a sampling of what they asked:
·       Was Jesus crucified on a cross or a pole?
·       Was Jesus a white man or a black man?
·       Is heaven on this earth?
·       Does God know the number of people who will be in His Kingdom?
·       Why do most pastors call themselves Reverend, but we use the title Pastor?
·       Where was Joseph, Jesus’ father, when He was crucified?
·       How old was Adam when he was first created?
·       The Bible says to call no man Father, so why can we refer to our physical fathers by that name?
·       Before the heavens and the earth were created, where was God?
There were more questions besides these, but this gives you a sense of some of the questions they asked. Our discussion lasted for a bit over an hour, so we ended by 8 pm to allow everyone to go back to their dorms and get some rest. All in all, a very good day!
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