Sabbath and the trip back to Accra

Saturday, August 19, 2017
Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
Sabbath morning, and it is hard to believe it is our last on camp. Daniel and I had done most of our packing yesterday afternoon, so all we needed to do was get dressed and button things up. I’m not quite sure why, but ALL of the campers were late to breakfast this morning! We had announced that they needed to wear their camper shirts this morning, so after we ate a belated breakfast we went outside and took an all-camp photo. We also got a photo of just the FOI volunteers who served so diligently at camp this year.
After the photos everyone went back to change into Sabbath clothes. Of course, almost no one was there when it was time to start services! Runners were sent to hurry the kids up, and we ended up starting nearly 30 minutes late. This could become a problem, because we have a ride to catch, and a long ways to travel this afternoon.
Cliff Demarest gave the first split, and he focused our attention on the final goal, the really biggest thing in prophecy: that time when God the Father is finally going to come and dwell on earth with the New Jerusalem.
Cody Kitts gave the second split by giving the parable of the pencil. He actually had pencils to hand out to everyone as well as copy of the parable. It was excellent, and really connected with the campers. But as I’ve heard them speak, I’ve come to expect nothing but excellent messages from these two men!
This is the most volunteers I’ve ever had for this camp, and it really made a nice difference! I still taught a couple of classes, but I wasn’t as pressed with class duties in addition to the other aspects of running the camp, so I haven’t ended the camp as completely fatigued as I often do. And that’s very good, because my trip isn’t over yet…
The van and driver were actually early, so we were able to load up and leave on time. The normal driver’s van is in the shop, so he made arrangements with another driver and van to take us to Accra. The only trouble is this van does not have working a/c, so we sweated at times, and breathed in diesel smoke in what I’m sure are extremely unhealthy doses!
Saturday is a big market day in most of the little towns between Kumasi and Accra, and it was a concern that we might be delayed getting down. But we actually arrived at the Airport West Hotel in just under 5 hours drive time! Cody and Bobbi Kitts and I allowed all who wanted to use the showers in our rooms before we grabbed something to eat and I took the other five to the airport.
Lines getting in to the airport were the worst I’ve ever seen. Traffic was at a standstill several blocks before actually getting to the point where you can turn into the airport itself! Then there was a long line on the sidewalk to go through security to get to the gate check. It took a good 30 minutes or so, but we all got through with no problem. I pulled a small suitcase that was going to be checked, just in case I looked out of place with no luggage. All five checked their suitcases, and got their boarding passes. I walked them to the escalator that takes them up to the departure area, but that’s as far as I could go, since I don’t fly out until tomorrow morning.
I’ve explained all I can about what they will need to do in Amsterdam. Cliff and Derek board one flight bound for Detroit, while Daniel, Gabriella and Alyssa board another bound for Atlanta. Both flights have a fairly short connection time in Amsterdam, so I tried to prep them as well as I can. All five of them should be safely home sometime tomorrow afternoon. And they can all feel very good about the job they did – I’m very pleased and very proud of them all!
For the three of us remaining in Accra, we board a flight to Lagos, Nigeria set to leave at 9:30 tomorrow morning. This will be a new adventure for me, my first trip to Nigeria!
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Clyde Kilough

Sounds like you had a great camp. I'm sure the experience was enriching for everyone, campers and staff alike. Safe travels on your next leg!

Mary Hendren

Looking forward to hearing about your time in Nigeria.