The Trip Begins

Monday, January 14, 2019
Amsterdam, North Holland, International
I am off on a regularly scheduled trip to West Africa. I’m particularly excited about this trip because we have the privilege of seeing the International Leadership Program brought to Ghana
­­­­­­this year!
The need for future leadership is apparent everywhere, but even more so in many international areas. With over 600 people in regular attendance around the country, the question of who will be available to help serve and shepherd them is an issue. The intent of this program is to better equip men who are already serving in local congregations as song leaders, speakers and in other ways for further service. Having a core of leaders who are willing and able to care for the needs of a congregation only strengthens the entire Church. And it may be that from this group God may make it clear He is calling some to further service in the ministry, even the pastoral ministry. For that only time will tell, but this program is well worth the effort!
My flights so far have gone very smoothly – as opposed to the flights we had during the Feast! Of the 10 scheduled flights during the Feast 6 of them were either canceled or severely delayed! But thankfully I’ve had no issues so far. Flights have left on time and landed on time or even early. If only I were better able to sleep on a plane…
I should arrive in Accra this evening, and have an airport shuttle waiting for me. Jet lag will likely catch up with me in a day or two, but the first night I almost always sleep the sleep of exhaustion as soon as my head hits a pillow!

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Happy that things are going smoothly so far. The number of flights that were cancelled at the Feast must have been frustrating. Looking forward to hearing how the training sessions go. It is an exciting t that local leaders will get training that is tailored to their needs.

Tommie B

So very exciting, indeed! Thank you for taking us with you once again!


Thank you for this initial view of your trip to West Africa! May God bless it in every way! Take care & we hope to be with you, all throughout this journey!