Pre-Conference Word

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Elmina, Central, Ghana
Yesterday was a fairly busy day, although I never left the hotel. Since I had good internet I was able to take care of a few things before my first visitor of the day came by. We were able to talk for a couple of hours about various things, including needs within the Church in Ghana locally and around the country. It is not possible to satisfy every want, but we try as best we can to wisely take care of the needs. It is always a balancing act between needs and available resources.
Later on several more individuals came by to talk. We were able to catch up on what has been happening in their lives, and then get down to some of the issues they wanted to discuss and get advice on. Our somewhat roving conversation lasted nearly two more hours, until well after dark. Then it was time for them to go home, and time for me to find some dinner!
In between these visits I got several calls from Osas Aghimien, our sole member from Nigeria who is coming over for the Leadership workshop. He was planning on coming with his wife and their infant son, but regrettably, when they reached the airport in Lagos there were problems and they were unable to bring the baby onboard. With few options they decided that Glory and the baby would return home and Osas would come on alone. I am very sorry it worked out this way, but since it would take weeks to get the further documentation they suddenly required, there was little choice. As of this afternoon Glory has returned safely home. All the men from the US arrived safely last night, and made it to the hotel without incident.
This morning a shuttle van arrived to bring them all down to Elmina. From what I could tell, they were packed in pretty tight, and then perhaps 30 minutes into a 4.5 hour drive, the a/c on the van failed. So by the time they arrived here they were all pretty warm! Perhaps they can get that fixed before the van comes to take them back on Monday!
Many of the members from Ghana have not arrived yet, but they should be coming soon. The reception is set to begin in two hours, 7 pm local time. We are very much looking forward to all that will be coming this weekend!

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Tommie B.

Very sorry that mom and baby weren't able to come, especially since they are so isolated from other brethren. Looking forward to reading how things progress with meetings!


Good to hear that the men from the US arrived safely, but it's sad Mrs. Aghimien and baby couldn't make it. We're praying all goes well and that you have a wonderful few days of fellowship and instruction.

Tess Washington

Thank you for the update Mr. Clark! We did hear from Mr. Franks via this week's In Accord about the leadership training in Ghana. We'll pray for its success! Its good to hear about our only brethrens in Nigeria.