Meetings with the Ghanaian pastors

Friday, May 03, 2019
Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
Thursday and half of Friday I met with the four pastors we have in Ghana. I always have a planned agenda for the meetings, but I also always realize I likely won’t be able to stick to the agenda because other things will come up, and it will be more expedient to spend time on those things rather than cover all of my pre-planned agenda. This time was no different!
We spent the first part of Thursday going around and getting a general update from each pastor. This highlighted some issues we needed to discuss further, and will need to cover further in the future. Good information to have.
Before and after lunch I was able to present two video presentations that have been given to the ministry during our continuing education webinars. The first, by Mr. Horchak, is titled “Responding to Criticism”, and the second was “Coping with Stress” given by Mr. Kilough. Both were very well received, and sparked more discussion.
For the last period of the afternoon I took individual time with the two pastors who live the farthest away. I did this so that when we ended by noon on Friday those two would have time enough to get home before the Sabbath began.
This morning (Friday) began with getting their feedback on the International Leadership Weekend we had here in January. The feedback was entirely positive, and everyone involved has been very grateful for the information and the consideration shown them by the administration of the Church.
We then watched another video presentation from the Ministerial Education program titled “Prophecy – Its purpose and place in our speaking” by Mr. Meeker. It also generated more discussion, and with some additional questions, it filled the rest of our time for this morning.
So I ended, and let the first two pastors get on their ways home while I took some individual time with the remaining two. I finally ended by around 2:30 this afternoon. I have a couple of things I need to write and take care of this afternoon (including this blog), and then I hope to get some rest. I started coming down with sinus and chest congestion from all the allergies the day I flew out, and it has only worsened since. Not much in terms of good cold medicines available here, so I was anointed and will try to get some extra rest.
Adonijah Blay, our pastor in Yeji, is staying in the area tonight, and he is to come pick me up at 5 am for our trip up to Yeji tomorrow. The plan is for me to go up and come back again tomorrow so I can continue my trip on Sunday morning.

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Hope you are feeling better and that the rest of your trip is productive. The lectures you chose for the four pastors sound interesting, and they surely generated some good questions. They would for us, too!


I hope you’re over the crud... Praying for a successful trip.


I bet their stress is quite different than what we experience here! But then again... there are most likely many similarities!