Travel to Takoradi and Bible Study

Saturday, May 04, 2019
Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana
Last night was a very good night’s sleep! It is amazing what 9 ½ uninterrupted hours of sleep can do for you!
Before turning in last night I talked with the front desk about arranging a taxi to the airport this morning. The lady recommended I download the Uber app and use them. She said they are very efficient, reliable and typically will charge less than a regular taxi. All of that sounded good, so I found and downloaded the app. This morning will be my maiden voyage of arranging and using an Uber.
The app was simple enough, and within a minute or two of ordering up a car I received a message saying a driver would be with in in 6 minutes. I got a picture of the driver, description of the car and the license number of the car. She was there on time, everything exactly as I’d been told.
On the drive to the airport she told me she is a medical research scientist, but does Uber on the weekends to cover her auto expenses. When I asked, she said her work is specifically with mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and the like. Those diseases are still a terrible scourge in many parts of the world, and worthy of a lot of time and research!
Since I registered my credit card with Uber, it was really simple when I arrived, because the card was charged and I was free to go. Interestingly, Uber cost half of what the taxi who took me to the hotel originally charged! So, where Uber is an option, I think I’ll be taking advantage of it more often now!
The flight to Takoradi must go through Accra. The old airport is now the domestic airport – and it is clear they don’t have the new system worked out for passenger movement. Upon arrival I had to go through the old baggage claim area, and even after asking several workers for directions had to leave the airport, walk through the parking lot, back up to the departures area and go back through security all over again. Perhaps one day they’ll figure out how to do what most other airports do – transiting passengers can remain inside the security area to go from gate to gate…
The flight down to Takoradi was smooth and we landed ahead of time (unusual here!). Uber is not yet operating in Takoradi, so I had to use the regular taxi service. I’ve never stayed at this hotel before, but it turned out to be only 3 or 4 minutes from the airport, and it is pretty nice. I was impressed with my room, all except the door coming in to it: the door cannot be latched from the inside. It appears this locking mechanism has taken some abuse in the past, and if you pull on it from the outside the entire mechanism moves a little sideways, and it is latched – only openable with your cardkey.
However there is no way to repeat that process from the inside. No matter how hard you shut it (or slam it), twist, pull up, push down, try to pull sideways, it can’t be latched. And without being latched you can’t engage the deadbolt either. So I had to somewhat sheepishly call the front desk and try to explain that I can’t close and latch my door… I half expected them to send up a big bruiser with a night stick to check out the looney in 306, but it was the girl from the front desk. She closed and latched the door, but from the outside. I then asked her to repeat the process from inside, and she couldn’t do it either.
So, either I have to call her every time I want my door latched, or something has to change. I don’t think she wanted to run up and down three flights of stairs every time I left the room and came back, so she moved me down the hall to another room. The door latches on this one, so I’m fine with it!
Sunday night is not a typical Bible study night in Takoradi, but we had about 45 present, including some who came over from Sekondi. By now many are old friends, so it was good to see them again.
This is a room on the top floor of the building, so naturally all the heat of the day collected there – and it was stifling! By the time I was about 5 minutes into the study I could feel the rivulets of sweat running down my back, and had to keep wiping it out of my eyes. But that’s Ghana this time of the year, well, actually almost ANY time of the year come to think of it...
 I gave the material on humility, and then we all talked a bit while the room was being taken down. One member, Simon Williams, lives only about two blocks from my hotel, and he has a car. So he graciously volunteered to drop me back off. Most of his family was in the backseat, but one little guy had no place to go, so he rode in my lap going back. His name is Godsend, and he is 5 years old. Cute as can be, but it is amazing how much body heat a little guy like that can generate sitting in your lap!
While I flew into Takoradi, for some reason I was unable to get a flight back to Accra in the morning, perhaps they were sold out. So I have made contact with my regular driver who will be at the hotel by 7 am to drive me all the way back to Accra. I have an early afternoon flight scheduled from Accra to Lagos, Nigeria where I’ll continue my adventures for this trip!
(As nice as some things are in Takoradi, the network down here is a mess. Neither cell, the hotel internet or my own hotspot are working, so perhaps I’ll post this tomorrow.)

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Glad to hear you had such good attendance at Bible study. The children's names are touching. This is the first "Godsend" I've heard as a child's name. We pray for your safety and look forward to hearing about your experiences in Lagos.


Thank you for these blog post updates! I feel like I am living it!