Home again!

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Alma, Arkansas, United States
My flight leaving Benin City, Nigeria left on time Sunday afternoon. That was a relief, because it is not a given that the smaller African airlines will follow their schedule - or sometimes fly at all! In this case, if the flight was even close to on time I would have no problem making my connection. But if they didn't fly there would not be enough time for me to secure ground transportation and make the drive to Lagos. I'd miss my international flight on Delta, and would have to figure out what to do from there. So I was relieved to have an on-time flight, and a smooth trip to the domestic airport in Lagos.
The original airport built in Lagos, which was the ONLY airport, has been converted to a domestic only airport when they built the new international airport just 3 or 4 miles away. So when I arrive at the domestic airport, I have to find a taxi to the international airport. That has always been an adventure, as taxi's and taxi bosses vie for your business, trying to undercut one another etc. With the mass of people, taxi's and loud noise, it is a time to keep a particularly close eye on your luggage!
Since my experience with Uber worked so well earlier in the trip, rather than do battle with a taxi boss for the best rate, (which is in the neighborhood of 4,000 niaria, or $11 USD), I decided to try Uber again. The app was quick and easy, except I cannot pay with credit card here. Within minutes the black Toyota I'd been told to look for drove up. I got in and we headed off.
When we were almost to the airport my phone rang - from my Uber driver! Apparently Uber sent TWO black Toyota Camery's to the airport to pick up two different passengers. I got the wrong one somehow. The drivers talked to each other, and the other car was going to take the passenger this car was suppose to take. I'll have to watch that in the future, never occurred to me there could be this kind of confusion! But we arrived very quickly, and Uber once again saved me money, costing me a total of $3.35 in US dollars. 
Since I can take the Sky Priority lane, my bag was checked and I had my boarding pass in minutes, and they had me take the priority security lane too, meaning within 10 minutes of arriving I was through security with about 2 1/2 hours to wait. I had a pass to the Delta lounge, so was able to relax for awhile before heading to my gate. 
The flights to Amsterdam, Atlanta and then Fort Smith were all smooth and on-time. Almost exactly 30 hours after lifting off from Benin City my plane touched down in Fort Smith - only a 20 minute drive from home sweet home. With my beautiful bride beside me we drove to my favorite place on earth! 
Thank you for reading along with my trip. My next trip is scheduled for August when we have the Youth Camp in Ghana, and then I'll continue back over to Nigeria as well. 

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Thanks for the update. Glad you're home. We'll follow along in August!


Glad your home! Tks for your service to remote brethren.

Kathy Treybig

Welcome home! As always it's encouraging to read your travel blog and read about our brethren so far away.

Dave Myers

So glad to hear of the successful conclusion of another trip, Tom. Thanks for all you do for the brethren in West Africa!