Friday, slower day

Friday, July 30, 2021
Elmina, Central, Ghana
I can’t explain why, but the 3rd night in country on almost every trip is the worst night’s sleep of the entire trip – and last night was the 3rd night. I hope that continues to hold true, because I don’t want a worse one! I did get a little sleep, was up early and went over to the little gym in the hotel. Might as well try to sweat out some of whatever kept me awake…
Today was a little slower day, which I generally plan into the schedule because things almost always come up that I didn’t plan for. But for once, nothing unexpected came up today, so I had more time than usual to catch up on some work in my room, prepare for the sermon tomorrow, and for the classes I’ll hold with the pastors on Sunday and Monday. 
I am still trying to get together with the Group Sales manager for the hotel. We keep missing each other. We are planning to have the next installment of the International Leadership Program in Ghana in late January. This is the hotel we used last time, and we want to use it again. So I need to sit down with her and iron out the details and make sure they have the dates available. Hopefully I can catch her before I leave Tuesday morning. 
Mr. Dima came by to pick me up this afternoon and take me over to his new apartment. He and his wife did live very close to the hotel, but the area changed quickly, and robberies became quite common there. Thieves broke into their 2nd floor apartment by climbing up to the window in the middle of the night, with them both there and asleep and stole a number of items. They didn’t even wake up, which is probably good, because had they woken up it might have turned out much worse! So they found a safer area and have moved since I was last here. 
In fact, that incident is descriptive of what is happening around the country. With COVID and the governmental restrictions a lot of people have lost their jobs. It doesn’t take long until they are out of money and get desperate – and desperate people turn to other means to try to provide for themselves. So robbery has become far more common than it ever was before. 
As another example, tomorrow Mr. Dima will pick me up and bring me to Sabbath services, but he has some other obligations afterwards and I’ll have to make my own way home. It is maybe just over 2 miles from the church hall to my hotel, and I’ve walked it many times over the years. I’d thought to maybe take a nice Sabbath stroll back to the hotel after services, but he recommended against it. There is one section of the road that is a bit more isolated, and he said local thieves would jump at the chance to rob a white guy (with the assumption I would have more cash than a Ghanaian). So since that is not a safe option presently, I’ll get a cab back to the hotel instead. 
Yesterday I talked a little about the trucks over here. One I didn’t mention is a variety that has two front axles and both have wheels that turn. Well I saw one of those down on the beach this afternoon, where it must have hauled some rock down. So I slipped down near the beach to grab a photo for you. I’d never seen a truck like this until I started traveling over there.
I went to the hotel restaurant for dinner, and they still don’t have any of the beef items on the menu. That’s one thing I’ve learned here: just because it is on the menu doesn’t mean they have it. Or in some cases that they’ve EVER had it! But you have to fill the space on the menu, and it looks impressive…! 
So I ordered another plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. Typically it is pretty good, although it is a lot of food. However tonight the cook decided she needed to add a liberal helping of something like cayenne pepper to the meat sauce! I’m not a fan of spicy hot food anyway, but when there is so much pepper in the sauce that it burns away all taste, I think that’s overkill! So I scrapped off as much of the meat sauce as possible, and ate the remaining spaghetti while taking big drinks in between to wash it past my tortured tongue as quickly as possible!  You may be laughing right now, but my wife can confirm there are some foods over here so hot they will almost spontaneously combust just sitting on the plate! (Slight exaggeration, but that’s how it feels!).
The Sabbath has now begun, and I’m ready with my sermon for tomorrow. We will have all the local brethren in Elmina and Cape Coast together for services, probably a bit over 200 people if everyone is able to make it. 
Meanwhile, I’ll probably turn in early tonight, and look forward to a slower Sabbath with no circuit to run, and only one sermon to give!

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Clyde Kilough

Glad trip is going well (except for the spicy pasta). Thanks for the update and have a great Sabbath.


No Gulder?

Tess Washington

Thanks again for the updates and chuckles! May you have a restful sleep & Sabbath!


Thanks for the photos and comments. That’s quite a truck. Hope all goes well for the Sabbath services.


wow, that is a different kind of truck. What company makes it?

D + L Fultz

Luckily, the Star probably helped, too! Thanks for the picture of the truck!

Rachel F. Thank

Quite an adventure so far. Praying for your safety.