Sabbath in Nakuru

Friday, April 28, 2023
Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya
All together we have around 45 participants plus the Administration, and others of us who are helping in various ways. I believe 11 different countries are represented here. Beside Messer’s Franks, Taylor, Horchak and Kilough, others attending included:
Tim Waddle is the Senior Pastor for East Africa. He set up and organized all the physical details for this conference, and his wife, Valarie was here to help also.
Chad and Laetitia Demarest came in from France. They are very helpful in talking with the francophone attendees – which is about half of those present.
Daniel and Cindy Harper came over from Quebec, and they are helping with the translation to French.
Joel and Marjolaine Meeker who have been on a 6-week trip through francophone Africa. He is the Regional Director for the French work, and they both also helped with the translations.
Sabbath morning started with two seminars beginning at 10 am. Mr. Franks gave an introduction, and then a class called “Teach No Other Doctrine.” That was followed by Mr. Taylor giving one called “The Role of the Pastor’s Wife.” Both were very good, and well received by all attending.
Most of the Kenyan brethren came in by busses and cars, and arrived around noon, and after a bite to eat we began Sabbath Services just after 2 pm. Our numbers had swelled to around 200 with all the brethren.
Since so many here are French speaking, and all the presenters are English speaking, so everything must be translated. Joel Meeker, his wife Marjolaine and Daniel Harper took turns doing simultaneous translations into a headset in the back. Everyone needing translation had a small FM receiver and a headset to hear what was said.
It seems that it was working well. But I cannot imagine what kind of mental effort is required to hear in one language, and without the speaker stopping you translate it to another language and speak it while still listening to the speaker continue! My hat is off them and all the work they do!

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Nice to see the picture of everyone. Exciting to have 200 for Sabbath services.