Sunday full of classes

Sunday, April 30, 2023
Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya
Classes started at 9 am Sunday morning. The first was “Fundamentals of Counseling” presented by Mr. Horchak. It was very informative, and I could tell the participants were listening carefully.
Second class was “Being Teachable” by Mr. Taylor. He did a very fine job of explaining how important it is for leaders to remain teachable, and covered what elements in one’s heart and character allow for that.
Before lunch the four primary instructors broke into groups to begin the individual interview with each of the participants.
After lunch we had a pre-recorded presentation from Mr. Leon Walker titled “Being Grounded in Doctrine.” He was able to skillfully use modern Church history to show how very important it is for a leader in the Church to be doctrinally grounded and solid.
Then Mr. Kilough gave one titled “Speaking to the Whole Congregation.” With the stories and points he brought in, there was a great deal everyone could take with them to become more effective speakers.
And the last class period was a conclusion and “Principles of Church Leadership” by Mr. Franks. And that there was a short Q & A, and the Administration continued with the individual interviews.
Because of the challenges with getting airfare for everyone coming in, I had arranged for all the Ghanaian’s to fly back out of Nairobi on the noon flight on Monday. There is only one direct flight a day between Accra and Nairobi. To wait until Tuesday would mean another night in a hotel, probably in Nairobi, and they would be on their own to get over to the airport, because my flight leaves Monday night.
Because of one of the classes scheduled for Monday for the elders only, Mr. Franks asked me about the possibility of changing their tickets so they could stay the extra day. I looked into it, and while it technically would be possible, but the cost would have been astronomical! So we decided to let them fly out as scheduled, and Mr. Horchak would give his class material to them Sunday evening before dinner.
At the end of a long day, we all retired to our hotels. I was able to share a meal with those staying in the same hotel I did, and finally returned to my room, where I very quickly got into bed!

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Figuring out transportation seems like a big issue in gathering so many together. Glad that the folks who had to leave will get recorded info.