Last classes, and return to Nairobi

Sunday, April 30, 2023
Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya
I woke in the middle of the night with the realization that my stomach was not at all happy with me. That’s never good, but especially when I still have so much of this trip ahead of me! I was able to travel over to the conference center for the last two sessions of this ILP, but was forced to make a couple of quick exits. Fortunately, I always carry some Imodium with me, and while it is past date (didn’t check that before I left) I took the prescribed two tablets, and in a little while the problem seemed resolved.
The two remaining classes were “Importance of Mentoring” by Mr. Horchak and “Where to From Here?” by Mr. Franks. Very good, and very fitting round off to the weekend! There were several final questions, and everyone remaining started making their way home. Some from closer countries came by bus, and they loaded up to begin their return journeys. The rest of us left at various times to meet flight schedules back in Nairobi.
There was an additional concern that arose this morning in the form of an email from Obed. It read:
Tell those fellows traveling to Masai Mara that from Tuesday afternoon there will be a political turmoil between the government and opposition, areas that will affected will be Nairobi,  Kisumu, Mombasa and other interior areas, violence will be witnessed those areas, let them take caution as they move around, i value their lives so much, i saw it important to inform you sir.
A few had arranged to go out into the Masai Mara for a short photo safari. But it is somewhat of a concern for everyone, because political violence can quickly spread! It is certainly something to pray about, and use caution and wisdom in what we choose to do.
Osas and Glory Aghimien (from Nigeria) and I were to leave at noon to get back in time for a 6:30 flight to Lagos, Nigeria. However, there was some confusion with Obed, and he ended up bringing in another car for us, and we didn’t leave until about 10 minutes to 1. It was going to be tight!
He did pretty well until we got down into Nairobi, and then we hit more traffic. It was raining pretty steadily, so he dropped us off in the covered car park to save us from getting quite so wet. Didn’t really work that way, because we were still a long ways from the departures terminals! So we were all dripping with wet shoes by the time we finally got there.
In this airport, there is a security scan right at the door coming in. All luggage goes through, electronics out of hand luggage as you go through a metal detector. Then we went to the check-in counter to get our boarding passes.
Osas and Glory were fine, and they got their boarding passes with no problem. Not so with me. I had used a 3rd party company online to book my tickets, as I did with theirs, but for some reason they didn’t follow through for me. I had a receipt, a trip number, and even a seat number, but when I got to the desk, I had no seat. Apparently, this company never actually booked my ticket, so I had no seat. And the plane was completely full, so I’m not flying out tonight…
I had the Aghimien’s go on through security and get onboard their plane, which they did with no problem. I sat down in the airport and through the Kenya Airways official site I booked a ticket to Lagos at 8 on Tuesday morning. Then I called the same hotel I used upon arrival to see if they had a room (yes) and if they would send a shuttle to pick me up (yes).
I arrived at the hotel to see the Franks’ and Mr. Taylor in the lobby! They have a flight tomorrow, and were quite surprised to see me. I explained what happened, and they invited me to join them in the hotel restaurant for dinner after I got into my room. So I was able to share another, and unexpected, meal with them!

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I'm sorry to hear that to you missed your flight. But what a Consolation prize!?I hope the rest of the trip goes more smoothly.


Sorry about the ticket mishap and I’m glad you had a nice dinner with friends to more than compensate.