Sabbath in Benin City

Saturday, May 06, 2023
Benin City, Edo, Nigeria
After a pretty decent night’s sleep, I got around and got ready for Sabbath services. The breakfast buffet downstairs also gives me the option of eggs in various ways, and I asked for a mushroom and cheese omelet. It turned out to be pretty good!
When it was time, I called up an Uber for the trip over. This hotel is not very far from the place where we have services, and the trip only took maybe 10 minutes. I was there just before 11, and services were to begin at 11:30. There were surprisingly few people there, and at about 5 minutes till time to start we only had 13 people including myself.
But they started coming in quickly, and by the time we started just a few minutes late, I counted 24. But more kept coming. As the sermonette ended five more came in, and one came in at the beginning of the sermon. I suppose transportation difficulties contributed to the tardiness of some.
For the sermon I addressed the subject of Christian Service, and used the importance of following the example of Jesus Christ. For some pictures of what this looks like in practice, I looked at the parable of the Good Samaritan, the story of the poor widow who served Elijah, and the example of Aquila and Priscilla.
We took a short break, and then I gave a Bible study by asking four related questions we’ve received at various times about the resurrection and judgement. I first asked them to think about how they would answer, and then we went through each in some detail. These are real questions, so it is good practice to consider how to respond!
The power had gone out during the Bible study, so Osas started the generator to give us light (not badly needed) and fans (very badly needed!). But even with a ceiling fan going, and a large oscillating fan going in the front (frequently blowing my notes), by the time we were done I was pretty well soaked through, with sweat running down my back. Light refreshments had been brought, so everyone enjoyed snacks and a drink as we fellowshipped.
After a short while Osas offered to take me back to my hotel. It isn’t far from the hall, so I agreed. Once there we agreed on the time for him to come in the morning. I have a couple of visits I hope to make tomorrow.

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Tess Washington

Glad to know that things seem to be allright with your trip to-date except for the heat! Thank you for the updates & photos!


Sorry about the broken gate and the owner not yet fixing it. Your Bible study sounds like a great idea, to practice being able to express what we believe.