Visits and Bible Study

Sunday, August 27, 2023
Benin City, Edo, Nigeria
A Bible study was scheduled for today, since the Sabbath was full, and it had gotten quite hot. The study was to begin at 11:00 am.
But first a family came to talk with me at the hotel. With traffic they did not arrive as early as they’d intended, so by the time we had finished discussing what they needed, we were already about late to the Church hall for the study.
Fortunately, the Church building is only about a 10 minute drive from my hotel – with traffic a few minutes more. We were late, but as it turned out, we weren’t the last ones to arrive. The study began at 1:30.
I gave a Bible study on temptations and how we can defend against the tempter. I used Matthew 4 and the temptation of Christ. We broke it down, and worked to pull much of the salient points out. Then I concluded with four main lessons I think we can learn from the account.
Following the study there were several questions.
1.     Many believe in the trinity. How can we understand Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of the trinity isn’t true?
2.     Was Melchizedek of the Old Testament the One who became Christ? If so, then where was the Father while He was on earth.
3.     Matthew 28:19 and 2 Corinthians 13:14 seem to indicate the trinity is true. How can we explain?
These questions, and maybe another led to a discussion that took another 30 minutes or so. I felt it was a productive study!
Afterwards, Osas had arranged for some snacks for everyone there. We enjoyed the fellowship, and I was happy to see many wearing the camp shirts that had been given out the day before.
One member, Rachel Aghimien, informed me that she has been hired by a company in the UK, and will be moving to London as soon as her work permit and visa are completed – perhaps even before the Feast. She is an RN as well as a certified nurse-midwife, and I’m sure her skills will be of good use there. But we are going to miss her in the local congregation!
I also had a lengthy discussion with another member, during which time most people had left to head home. We’d walked out by the road, and by the time we finished it had started raining fairly heavily. In order to get back to the hall I had to walk under an awning that offered scant protection, and I was pretty wet by the time I got back.
Osas insisted on driving me back to the hotel, so he and his family and I all piled into his old Toyota and we forged small streams to get back to the hotel!
With a little extra time this afternoon, I decided to go down to the hotel gym and spend some time on a treadmill and with some weights. I’m long past maintaining my youthful figure, but at least I can get a little exercise and try to stay as active as possible!
For dinner I didn’t feel like eating off the food bar, so I order battered fish and chips, expecting it to be a smaller, lighter portion. It was good, but I might have to go get back on the treadmill afterwards...
Tomorrow Osas will come get me about 10 am. We have a couple of visits to make, and also stop in to see the general manager of the hotel where we will be keeping the Feast. We’ve worked with him for several years now, and it is always good to maintain good relations!

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Congratulations to Miss Rachel Aghimien! Interesting Bible Study, from the questions posed, your answers must have benefitted the brethren greatly. Yummy looking fish and chips. Praying for your safety and a fruitful rest of the trip.