Trip to Kumasi

Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
After a decent night’s sleep for me, I met Paul down at the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Then it was time to change some money, and I needed to pick up another power adapter. One of the best places to change money is the Forex bureau at the Accra Mall. It really isn’t that far, and I’ve walked there many times, taking maybe 20 minutes. But it was drizzling rain, and so hot and humid that I called up an Uber and we went over.
The Ghanaian cedi (the currency) is falling dramatically. The official exchange rate is now 11 cedis to the dollar. Just a few months ago it was about 7 to 1. The economy is difficult here, and everyone feels the pinch.
While at the mall I was able to find a power adapter as well as a charger I needed, so we got another Uber and went back to the hotel.
This afternoon we were to travel down to Winneba to visit with Joseph Baah and Patricia wife. Joseph pastors four congregations in the area. But first I had to secure transportation. I have cards from drivers and transportation companies I’ve used in the past, so I pulled out one and gave him a call. The man said he is no longer driving, but his son, Sidney, has taken over the business, and he would have him call me.
He did, quoted me a fair price, and we set the time for him to come.
He showed up on time with a rather nice BMW of a model I’m not familiar with. As with many cars, it is diesel. But it was nice, had good a/c and he turned out to be a very good, careful driver.
On the hour and a half drive to Winneba, he heard us talking and learned we are both pastors. So he wondered if he could ask some questions. This led to a rather interesting discussion for much of the way. He has read quite a bit of the Bible, and has been thinking about it, but didn’t know how to put it together, especially with the common teachings of other churches. We gave answers, which he seemed to accept. Finally I gave him one of my cards, which also has the address for Life, Hope and Truth, and I told him this is a place he can go to find many answers to his questions. It will be interesting to see what happens!
We met Joseph at the Winneba junction, and he took us down to a roadside restaurant we’ve used before. Sadly, Patricia had traveled to Accra and was on her way back. But she would not arrive before we had to leave.
Joseph also took us to the Winneba church building. It has been under construction for several years. They save up a little money, and then do a bit more. It is the way most buildings here are constructed. They can meet here now for services but would like to complete the roof so the entire thing will be protected from the rain. We will help a little more with that.
When it was time to leave, we said goodbye until Monday when all the pastors will meet us in Elmina for some meetings.
Sidney, our driver, turned out to be very careful and conscientious, which is not all that common in Ghana. So we both have taken his name and contact information. I’ve no doubt we’ll be using him again!
Back at our hotel, it was time for dinner. We were still talking at the table over an hour after the meal was gone and our dishes removed! Tomorrow is going to be an early morning since we must leave the hotel at 6:30 to go back to he airport to fly up o Kumasi. So we retired to our rooms to meet at the front desk in the morning.

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