Arrived safely in Ghana

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana
My flights from the US to Ghana all went very well. I was a little concerned because of all the bad weather the US has been experiencing. I flew through Dallas and then straight to London, and while I knew we wouldn't be flying into the snow and blizzard conditions, there were enough flights delayed that it can have a domino effect in getting planes where they need to be to make other flights. But we were entirely unaffected, and all three legs of this trip were on time and smooth.

Tomorrow I'll head up to Kumasi, and another trip has begun!

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Clyde Kilough

Good travelling, my friend! Tell everyone there hi from all of us at the office. We'll try to have some cold weather waiting for you when you get back, since I know you'll miss it!


Great to hear from you, Son. The clock seems to tick faster and faster - I didn't realize you were ready to go. Jill had surgery again two weeks ago and now has both hands in braces, so, given the logistics, I can, with authority, quote General Alexander Haag: "I'm in charge here!" However, please note that I am doing this online from the office! My momma didn't raise any dumb boys!

Seriously, though, we look forward to walking with you as you progress in serving the communities in Ghana. God is with you. Love, Dad

Tess Washington

Good to hear from you Mr.Clark! Wonderful that your flights went well and now you're in Accra! We'll be with you in your travels starting now! Take care and please extend our greetings to our dear brethrens in the area!

Monica Lord

Glad travel was good. A bit extreme to get away from the cold, but we know the people appreciate your time. Stay safe. Have a good Sabbath.

Cecil Maranville

Prayers with you for an effective and safe trip, Tom.