Looking at potential building sites

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Elmina, Ghana
After a good night's sleep (actually over sleeping just a little) I grabbed some fresh fruit for breakfast and went out to meet the taxi that was coming for me. But today things ran on Ghana time, and they were nearly an hour late. No worries, everything we had to do today was close by.

The local pastor, Adonijah Blay as well as Reuel Dima, Eshun Plange and myself went to take a look at four potential properties on which we could build up a Feast site, camp location and so forth . The taxi driver is also a Church member, Ben Clement, and he knows the area also.

Three of the four we were able to dismiss because of location or topography. One was very hilly, and it would take a lot to level a place enough to build. Another has partial structures already, but it consists of 60 acres and the owner wants to sell it all together. Way too much money, and it is at the top of a rather steep hill. The third is simply too far out of town to be practical.

That left us with the forth choice, on the north side of the town of Elmina.   The property is undeveloped, but has water and electricity available, and it looks like a good building site. Now we will work on developing more specific plans, gathering costs and then see if we will be able to secure funding for the project. If we can, it will be a great benefit to the Church in Ghana, and the savings to the Headquarters budget will also be significant.

I was back at my hotel by midday, and was able to get some more work done, since the internet came up and seemed to stay up for awhile. (and if this gets posted tonight, you'll know it is still up!).

By about 6:15 Ben was back to get me and we joined all three pastors and another couple for a Malta (a non-alcoholic malt beverage that most people here like, and I quite enjoy it too) and a couple of hours of visiting. We are working to strengthen and build the leadership base in the Church, and this was a good opportunity to get to know these gentlemen and wives better. (Actually Ben's wife was unable to join us due to a death in the family).

Tomorrow morning I have some further time to work here before my car and driver come to take me to Takoradi. I don't know what I'll have down there in terms of internet connections, so some of the things I need to take care of need to be done from here - while the system is still connected! The plan is for me tospend through the Sabbath visiting in Takoradi with the members and the pastor and his family, Joseph Baah.


Tess Washington

Sounds like you found a good place! And it sounds like you're accomplishing the work that you set out to do in Ghana! Thank you Mr. Clark for this blog. It gives us a good picture of God's work being done in that part of Africa!