Sabbath in Takoradi

Saturday, February 01, 2014
Takoradi, Western, Ghana
The loud music and drumming ended much sooner than I had anticipated, and I was able to get basically a good night's sleep.

Joseph Baah arrived by about 9:20 and I was waiting out front for him. We caught a cab over to the Church building, where many people were already gathering. It was impossible to count all the children, but we had over 50 sitting in the building with more on the little porch and some outside. I would estimate between 60 and 70 people total.

The sermon I gave was again on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It fit rather nicely with the sermonette Joseph Baah gave on letting your light shine. It was quite warm, but with the ceiling fan going and a door in the back open to allow for a cross breeze it was tolerable. And then about half way through services we lost power. Oh well.

We did get some rain last night which is very unusual for this time of year. We should be at the end of the dry season, but several people have commented that the seasons seem all mixed up this year, very unusual weather patterns. We've seen some rather unusual weather patterns in the US this winter too, so it seems the weather doesn't know what it is supposed to do anywhere!

After services Pastor Baah, the local elder and I met with a man and discussed some difficulties with which he is struggling. Then Mr. Baah and I went to his house where his wife had prepared a lunch.

Lunch was red-red (a blackeyed peas type of dish), some fish and fried plantain. I don't know how they do it, but when they eat here they manage to consume a tremendous amount! At the summer camp the other pastors ask with some concern if I'm OK because I only eat a fraction of what they do. But believe me, if I ate all they do I'd have to take advantage of the extra large seatbelt thing they mention on the airplanes!

After lunch and enjoyable conversation that ranged all over, they walked me up to the main road where I caught a taxi back to my hotel. I have made a quick trip up to the internet café to post this report and the one from yesterday, plus collect any email waiting for me.   I don't know if I'll have internet access again until I return to Accra on Tuesday.

My driver should arrive at the hotel by 7:00 am to take me on to Oda for the last stop on this trip before Accra and the airport home. 

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Tess Washington

Good night sleep is always welcome wherever you are...good that you had one inspite of the noise! That was a crowd that attended the Sabbath services...the work of God continues be a disciple of Jesus Christ! Thank you Mr. Clark for posting this blog and the other one!