Return trip to Accra

Tuesday, February 04, 2014
Accra, Ghana
Yaw was scheduled to come pick me up at the hotel by 9 am, so Eshun came by a little before to see me and talk a little before I left. Then Yaw was there a few minutes early, so I paid my bill and we headed out just about 9 on the dot. Yaw was born and raised much of his life in and around Accra, so he knows the area quite well. He took some roads I wasn't familiar with, and we arrived in Accra a good hour or two faster than I had anticipated. The majority of the time we were on typically rough and pot holed Ghanaian roads, but once we reached the main coastal highway it was pretty smooth sailing. In spite of the instability of the cars suspension, we made it just fine. The real danger appears to be only when you get above about 50 mph - and that was not very often, so not too much to worry about!

I was able to check right in to the hotel, and then went down to the restaurant for a late light lunch. There was a large group in the restaurant, and when I asked they said there was a convention in the meeting hall. I'm not sure the organization, but with the number of westerners present it seems likely it was for an aid agency of some kind.  

The rest of the afternoon I have been able to catch up on some work in my room. Tomorrow I'll meet with at least one man who wanted to see me, and finish packing and preparing to head on over to the airport for the return trip home. Between flights and layovers in London, the trip each way takes just about 24 hours, so provided there are no problems or weather delays I'll land back in Fort Smith a bit after 6pm on Thursday.  

It has been a long and busy trip, but I believe a profitable one as well. I am satisfied with what we've been able to accomplish, and now am greatly looking forward to returning home and being reunited with my family!

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Tess Washington

Glad to know that you've arrived safely in Accra! Glad to know that you've accomplished what you've set out to do in Ghana! Thank you Mr. Clark! Have a wonderful trip back with us in the US and with your family!