Final day in Accra

Wednesday, February 05, 2014
Accra, Ghana
Yesterday evening I received word that the man I was scheduled to meet today would not be able to make it. That means I'm just sitting in Accra for an extra day, so I decided to see if I could get out on the flight last night, getting home a day early.

All of the international airline carriers I have taken to Ghana, Delta, KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa and Emirites have only one flight a day in and one out. Typically it is an in and out plane, with a two to three hour stop for refueling, restocking the galley and the boarding the passengers. That being the case, if I could not get on the flight last night there would not be another until tonight.

The hotel shuttle took me to the airport with the understanding that if I was not able to get on the flight tonight, he would return to get me and I would still have my room. Unfortunately, that is what happened. I'm on British Airways this time, and the plane leaving Accra was not full, no problem getting me on. But from London to Dallas the flight was full, leaving me with three choices: 1. pay an additional $750 to upgrade to business class from London to Dallas, 2. spend 30 hours in the London Heathrow airport waiting for my regular flight to the States, 3. go back to the hotel and wait until my regularly scheduled flight the next night.  

I have no desire to spend that much time in an airport, and it made no sense to fly to England and get a hotel there (much more expensive than the hotel here), and I could not justify spending that much money just to get home one day sooner, so I went back to the Airport West Hotel to spend the night.

I slept in a little this morning, and have been able to catch up on a few more things. The hotel is allowing me to stay in my room for a while longer in spite of the fact that they are booked almost solid. I appreciate that, as it allows me to work and read in quiet, rather than sitting around in the lobby with all the people coming and going. I'll head to the airport in a few hours for my regularly scheduled flight, and should be back home by tomorrow (Thursday) evening, to be with my family and sleep in my own bed!

Thank you to all who have prayed about the safety and success of this trip. I believe it has been profitable, and I hope and pray the brethren and the Church in Ghana will benefit from what we have been able to accomplish.

Until next trip...

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Tess Washington

We are thankful that everything went well and you had options to consider in spending your last hours in Accra. Thank you for writing this blog and the others. We were able to see how the work of God is being done in Ghana! Have a wonderful trip back to the US and to your family!

Cecil Maranville

Thanks for sharing--and for your service in making the trip. I can only guess how precious the time you give our Ghanian Church family is to them!