The start of another journey.

Sunday, February 02, 2020
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Who would book a flight that requires one to be at the airport at 4 am? Yes, I do make my own flight arrangements so I have no one else to blame, but I would like to! Traveling to East Africa from New Zealand has been a bit more of a challenge than when we traveled from the east coast of the US. What used to be considered long flights from D.C. to London, London to Nairobi are now considered moderate. Most flights from Auckland to Nairobi go through the Middle East and are about 17 hours long. The flight from Doha or Dubai to Nairobi is only 6 hours after a 4 or 5 hour layover. This time I thought to book an easier route, but that had us at the airport at 4 am on a Sunday morning. after a quick flight to Sydney and a short layover, we flew to Bangkok. Sydney to Bangkok is about 8 hours in the air. Bangkok to Nairobi is another 8 hours. At least we land in Nairobi at 6 am. Immigration and customs should be quick and easy!
It is striking how many people are wearing medical face masks in hopes of avoiding the Coronavirus. This picture is while we were in Sydney. It is not just the travelers, but also the airport and airline employees.



Hope all goes well, Amigo! Long flights, but good work to be done.

Jason H.

Praying all goes smoothly.

Komal Yunus

Safe travels guys