Wednesday, February 05, 2020
Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya
We arrived very early in Nairobi and were able to check in and receive our room at 7 am. After breakfast and a short nap we were able to get out and pick-up a few supplies. it is amazing to me how much Kenya has prospered in the 14 years in which I have been serving here.  With a short drive to Karen we are able to shop at a very nice mall with a Carrefour supermarket which carries pretty much anything which we would need. There are several of these large shopping centers around Nairobi. The middle class is doing well. There seems to be constant improvements on the infrastructure as well. This day we were able to meet a friend whom we have known since 2006. He does some printing work for me so that I do not have to pack multiple copies of sermon transcripts, articles from LHT, the trifolds etc. It is a much appreciated service. We enjoyed catching up and having lunch together. 
For a number of years we have been staying at a hotel near the airport. It has a free shuttle service to and from the airport. The beds are comfortable and the food is good. it is interesting to me that they serve very little pork and often have beef bacon for breakfast or in the Caeser salad.  One of the greatest advantages of staying here is that it is within the security of the airport grounds and we can get out and walk. Going from the hotel and walking to the airport and back allows us our daily 3-4 mile walk in a safe environment. At least safer environment. There is a narrow sidewalk on one side of the road. It is not the main way into and out of the airport, but a side street. A great deal of airport workers, and employees of the businesses around the airport are rushing to and fro and plenty of buses and cars zoom by perilously close to the narrow sidewalk. But we are happy to be outside and stretching our legs after traveling. The weather in Nairobi is currently very pleasant. The city is at 5700 ft in altitude and the weather reminds us of our time in the Denver area. We are enjoying warm sunny days and cool morning and night temperatures. 
Cody Kitts arrived from west Africa and the next day we set out on a mission to help him find some wood carvings. We ended up with an extra day in Nairobi as a meeting which was scheduled was cancelled. We went first to the Masai Market, but it was not as vast as it is at times and there was little to see in regards to wood carvings. This market is a moving market, but today it was not far from where we are staying. We then went to a shop near the mall mentioned earlier.
 We have been to this shop many times and it is wall to wall wood carvings of all shapes and sizes. After intense negotiating Cody is now the proud owner of a one meter tall giraffe. It is going home as checked-in luggage. We hope it makes it in one piece!
Tomorrow we head for Lake Nakuru Lodge in Nakuru town. We are looking forward to the visit. 

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