Meeting Rey Evasco in Manila

Thursday, July 11, 2013
Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
We left San Fransico on time Wednesday morning and embarked on the 11 hour flight to Tokyo where we change planes for Manila. There was a 15 minute walk from our arrival to departure gate In San Fransisco we taxied out to the runway for take off and saw the wreckage of the Korean 777 that crashed on landing the week before. Wreckage was still strewn about and was still being investigated by forensic specialists.  

The flight to Tokyo was long, but Earl and I had lots to talk about . I'm enjoying being able to have this concentration of time to just talk.  

It's been a busy previous set of weeks with a trip to Florida the week before and a number of writing assignments that I've had to finish before leaving. Before that Bev and I traveled to Toronto, Canada for the Canadian National Ministerial Conference and Council meeting. Getting away on a trip like this has a benefit of focusing on different matters from my day to day work (which I also really enjoy).  

In Tokyo we had an uneventful short layover and then a five hour flight to Manila. New territory for me.  

Rey Evasco was at the airport to pick us up and take us to our hotel just a short distance away. Rey is the pastor of the church in Manila and adjacent areas. There are total of seven elders serving the 26 churches and Bible Studies in the Philippines. 

The Philippines is composed of about 7100 islands. The population is 100,000,000. The greater Manila area has 20 million and is the seventh largest city in the world.  

On this trip I am not wearing any western dress shirts, ties or coats. None of that. It will all be acceptable proper Filipino attire that I know I'm going to like. They wear what are called "barongs" that are a loosely fitting shirt worn on the outside. It's perfect for an area that will typically have 90 degree heat with matching humidity. Rey Evasco brought barongs for me that are owned by Earl. Earl and I have exactly the same size (thankfully). One barong is a formal one for the Sabbath Day. It's beautiful, long-sleeved that I will wear on the two Sabbaths that I'll be in churches in Davao and Manila. 

I hardly feel any tiredness as all this is very interesting to me.  

Rey and his wife Cynthia were guests at our home in the Cincinnati area during the General Conference of Elders in May.  

Tomorrow, Friday the 12th we fly to Davou and meet with the Macaraegs and others....