On to Leyte in the Visayas!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Tacloban, Visayas, Philippines
Today is travel day from Davao to Leyte and meeting with our elders and leaders in the mid-section of Philippines which is composed of many islands, the primary group being the Western and Eastern Visayas. Our flight today is from Davao back to Manila and then backtracking to Tacloban, the main city on Leyte, the historic city where General Douglas McArthur returned to after evacuating the Philippines.  

Ed and Daniel Macaraeg drove Earl and me to the airport as we took an uneventful ontime flight to Manila .  

In Manila we found that our flight was "delayed." Always a bad signal. However there was no information about where the plane was and exactly when we would go.

To make a long story short, we had more than five hours layover at the Manila aiport before flying to Tacloban. 

We were landing just past sunset time,but the view of the many many islands was very interesting to me. 

We were met by the two of the area elders and other leaders. A very warm welcome! 

The people are

Raul and Marita Villacote (elder)
Jose and Deodita Campos (elder)

Reuel and Meryl (Macaraeg) Campos 
Eriberto and Nelya Astorga
Sharlo Boldios
Diosdado Barrientos

We immediately drove to the historic Alejandro hotel here on Leyte which is like a WWII museum with lots of McArthur memorobilia . I have yet to look it all over yet, but it is very interesting.  

The streets of Tacloban are dark, but bustling with jeepnies and crowds of people....but it is all so well-ordered. I'm expecting someone to run into someone, but all seem to move around one another with the greatest of ease and patience.

We had dinner at the hotel with the above group in a separate room. What a wonderful time of conversation! I sat next to Raul Villacote who told me about the Leyte congregations and travel to other islands. The others mentioned above help serve the churches and speak in the various congregations.  

As a result of the Kingdom of God seminars, a group of 20 regular attendees has been founded on Cebu,an adjoining island. They come to services EVERY week and appreciate what they hear. This is the kind of experience I'd like to see throughout our church...new people coming back because they desire to hear words of truth and hope...and to fellowship with one another. Enough momentum has been built up to start a viable new congregations. What a concept!  

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be visiting the church hall and going into the home of some of the brethren here in Leyte. Really looking forward to it.  

See you tomorrow!