We leave today....what's coming up.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
New York City, New York, United States
We're about the leave home on a very interesting trip to Italy, Ukraine and the Netherlands. We will be flying first to New York JFK and from there all night to Milan, Italy.  

We are anxious to visit our church office and talk about the Work that they've been doing in Italy . They produce a magazine and do an Internet work. They also have a variety of resources such as a Bible study course.  

On the Sabbath we plan to spend the day with the Church. I'm looking forward to meeting our brethren and learn about their lives.  

Then on Sunday and Monday we plan to go to Venice which, I understand is two hours east. I've been to Venice twice, but my wife Bev never has and I found it to be a most interesting city with all the canals.  

Then, next Tuesday to Ukraine for the commemoration of 20 years working with a remarkable rehabilitation center for children. They are located 30 miles due east of Chernobyl and the doctor we are friends with was the first to treat Chernobyl children 30 years ago.  

Finally, we will come back through the Netherlands where we plan to be with the congregation and brethren. We plan to visit member Jamie De Moei who is suffering from cancer. That will be on Saturday evening. On Sunday we plan to visit the Anne Frank house. We read the book and were really touched by the diary of the 13 year girl. 

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