With the Dutch Church

Saturday, June 25, 2016
Driebergen, Utrecht, Netherlands
We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express near Schipol Airport and the huge stadium where soccer is played. A very congested area. Even more congested as there are three major events going on here Friday night, not the least being a Cold Play Concert at the Arena.

Today we have services in Driebergen near Utrecht and a visit to ailing Jamie de Moei in Rhenen about half an hour further east near the German border .

At 11:45 a young man by the name of Dustin Steinfort picked us up to drive us to services.

It was a wonderful day. We really got to know the Dutch congregation, the people in it and their outreach. We met the extended de Jong family, the de Moei's…Kasha from Poland who is engaged to Bas Arendson, the Arendsen’s (wife is Heidi formerly Kortuis), Raul Reigman from Suriname, the elder Wim Dekker and wife Anna Krystal (formerly de Jong), and others. We had about 35 people here.

Maurits de Jong and his wife Julie have four children. This is a YOUNG church. Lots of little kids…Dijkman’s, de Jong’s and others.

The young man who picked us up is Dustin Steinfort. Very fine young man who works in Social Media strategy along with digital marketing and e-commerce. Had some good discussion with him about some of his recommendations.  

Services were at 1:00 pm . I spent about half an hour talking about our visit to the other areas on this trip, the work of the home office, the Chicago and Milwaukee Public Appearance campaigns and then gave my sermon.

Afterwards there was a potluck meal and lots of fellowship. The spirit of the church here in the Netherlands was as dynamic as it was in Italy last week. The people are very familiar with one another and genuinely enjoy being with one another. They hold services in different parts of the country. They are trying to get a church going in Antwerp, Belgium as well.

We took lots of photos that I’m including in this entry of the families.

Then Dustin Steinfort drove Bev and me further east closer to the German border to visit Jamie de Moei who has been grievously ill with cancer. Erick and Jamie live in Rhenen. Jamie is at home and in bed. We were so sorry to see her in this state and admired her courage and view of life in spite of her serious condition. We visited for about an hour. Their son Derrick was here, too. He was an ABC student in the 2011-2012 year in Cincinnati. We ended our visit with a prayer for her healing. Jamie is an amazing person. She has done a lot of editorial work for the church here in the Netherlands. We also had the opportunity to get better acquainted with her husband Erick.

Then Dustin drove us back to our hotel in Amsterdam that took about an hour. The Netherlands is a very small country!

Tomorrow we will tour with the Dekker’s in Amsterdam and we will tour the Anne Frank House.