Great trip to Africa starting March 29

Sunday, March 26, 2017
Batavia, Ohio, United States
Bev and I are leaving on an ambitious visit to three African countries, but more importantly to visit many friends and workers in our churches, and in our non-profit NGO work of LifeNets. I can't count how many times we've taken this same basic itinerary, but so much good has transpired since our visit to Kenya in 1992, then in Zimbabwe/South Africa in 1996 and thereafter many more as we've established congregations, built clinics, provided support for education, agriculture, structures, vehicles, small businesses and more for hundreds of people.  
The countries we will visit are South Africa, Malawi and Zambia . In Zambia we will visit those from the unstable Democratic Republic of the Congo to Solwezi, Zambia located near the border. 

We are praying that all goes well and God-willing, we will arrive in Johannesburg Thursday, the 30th of March. We'll stay there through the weekend and go to church in Johannesburg. We feel we know that church well and have close friendships with the Websters, Fishers and others.

Then we fly to Malawi where we have assigned Lewis and Lena VanAusdle to serve as pastor in Lilongwe. We're very anxious to see how they're getting on. From all reports and their own accounts, it's been very good. Also, Brennan and Michala Hilgen who have just gotten married moved to Lilongwe to help out as volunteers. We know them, too, and anxious about how they are doing! We admire these two couples coming from the United States and serving our congregations there. 

With our hosts we plan to cross into Zambia to Chipata for a day to visit our new congregation and Filius Jere. They have constructed a building that we funded in Chipata. 

Then back to Malawi and down to Blantyre to visit the other pastor of Malawi, Gracious Mpilangwe. That is a very solid congregation and they, along with Lilongwe, are in the middle of major building construction that has been funded by LifeNets. 

From Blantyre we fly to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia where we will be reunited with Major Nawa Talama who is the pastor. We have several people to visit here and see our church property that was taken over by others but is now has been rightfully handed back to the United Church of God. We have been able to hold the Feast of Tabernacles there again along with youth camp and other meetings.
Finally, we fly to Ndola up north and we will spend parts of five days with our dear friends Derrick and Cherry Pringle. When they pick us up on Sunday, April 16th, we will drive five hours out west to the Solwezi congregation. A number of brethren from the Congo will be visiting. We are very anxious to see everyone. This church has been founded since our last visit here three years ago.  

So, that's it for now. Follow us here on Travelpod, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for joining us!

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Filius Chalo Jere

We are all positively anxious and praying for the success of this trip with great expectations of the spiritual fruits that MUST surely follow

Grant and Kim Chick

Safe travels Victor and Beverly, we look forward to reading about your travels again in Africa. Please send our love to the brethren in those countries.
Lots of love Grant and Kim

Dwight Stewart

I am so thankful the Father and the Son of Man have given both you and Bev the physical and spiritual strength to forward their Great Work. Our prayers are with you and the brethren.