Bumpy start - rerouted through Germany

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Today we leave. The morning is busy with last-minute packing and preparation. The last thing to do was getting the final notes and thoughts about all the speaking assignments in the next three weeks…of which there are plenty. I'm going through a lot of material about the meaning of the seasonal holy days and making it relevant. Done!
I’m just taking my camera phone as the only way I'll capture photos and video. The cameras on the phones are getting so good that they rival any point and shoot and even my DSLR. My new Google Pixel with additional memory will take 99% of the photos needed. Also, I brought a small tripod along -- but I'm keeping everything very skimpy.
Aaron Dean arrives at 12 noon to take us to Cincinnati airport for our 2:50 p.m. flight to Washington DC where we connect to South Africa flight to Johannesburg via Dakar, Senegal. Aaron faithfully drops us off at CVG, but at the ticket counter, we are greeted with the news that our flight is delayed and that we will miss our connection to Africa. Great! At first, they were wanting us to just wait a day, but that would get us to South Africa on Friday night at 5. The wonderful counter lady, Michelle, checked with her supervisor further and they rerouted us via GERMANY to go on to South Africa from there. We are scheduled to arrive on Friday MORNING at 7:50 a.m. The plane load from Germany is light so we may be able to sleep a "normal" night.
Our flight from Cincinnati was delayed by more than four hours. It was because of late arriving aircraft due to weather in Houston, I believe. We got off the ground and in one hour from wheels up to wheels down landed in Washington DC at 8:15 p.m. We got to the gate bound for Frankfurt, Germany 20 minutes before boarding began. Just in time.
The flight to Germany was uneventful. Beverly and I, fortunately, had a seat in between us and were able to sleep some. I watched a good movie about Jacquelyn Kennedy and the trauma of going from first lady to private citizen. It was very interesting and well done. Jackie as always an intriguing personality in her life with Jack Kennedy and beyond. The movie is called: "Jackie" and the part of Jackie Kennedy was very well played. 
We arrived about noon in Frankfurt and we are now waiting for our 8 p.m. flight to Johannesburg.
So, that’s the news of the first day’s travel. We got Europe thrown in on this trip for no extra charge! Now I'm writing this from the Frankfurt airport.
We are enjoying the new expansion to the Frankfurt airport.  
An observation:  
The German people are painted with a broad brush of being harsh and have an unsavory history. Also, the French are characterized as being rude along with other negative characteristics. 
When we arrived in Frankfurt and had an irregular connection eight hours later, the gate agent couldn't have been more pleasant patiently and cheerfully explaining which terminal to go to, how to get there and where we could find places to relax through the day.  
Also, the man watching over security between terminals went above and beyond to tell us what to do, knowing that we were tired and were behind on this journey by 3/4 of a day. We are spending two nights on the road. Some of the friendliest people I've met are Germans.
About the French and being snooty. Bev and I were on a special flight on Air France from Paris to Johannesburg. We were able to upgrade with miles to first class. The personal treatment was fabulous. Each time they came up to us, they called us by our first name. When we left the plane they did a special adieu individually. Very hospitable and kind, and the food was great. 
Now we are waiting for our 8:45 flight tonight to Johannesburg. 
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Gayle Hoefker

Travel is always an adventure! We are praying for you.

Imee Talain

Still praying for ur safe trips!

Imee Talain

Still praying for ur safe trips!

Lena VanAusdle

It's always an adventure getting to Africa. Safe travels! We'll see you soon.

Dwight Stewart

What a start! Your detailed information made me feel as if I were traveling with you. Thanks! My brother Jerry especially enjoyed the cleanliness of the Country when he lived there.

anita ferrante gennaro

How very special that we are able to take this journey with you via your posts...thank you for sharing ! Prayers for continued safe travels and no more delays...pass greetings on to our brethren !!!!!! So look forward to seeing pictures of the brethren as you have opportunity...unites us all !!!! thank you for your leadership and service !!!


I agree with you about Germans, so polite helpful and love to speak in English which most know.