Sunday at the Fisher's in Kempton Park

Sunday, April 02, 2017
Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
  • All day visit at Arthur and Gail Fisher's home in Kempton Park  
Sunday morning was like a vacation. We didn't leave the Avalon Guest House until 11 a.m. and had a glorious warm morning with the tropical birds and plants around us. We enjoyed breakfast being served on the veranda and we just enjoyed each other’s company in this environment.
I liked catching up on work and reading. I have thoroughly appreciated reading the book Growing Young which focuses on the young in our congregations and the future of the Church. It is written with wisdom and practicality and I plan to use it for the sermon I have at the General Conference of Elders. I want to cast a vision for the future of the Church with the future that is in our midst. Also, I caught up on writing, blogs, photo editing, and emails.
At 11 Jason arrives and we went to the local shopping center. We need Mossie soap and spray to protect us from mosquitos. This has worked well for us on previous trips. In the shopping center, I liked the Biltong and Ice Cream shop.
Then we were off to our elder Arthur and Gail Fisher’s home in Kempton Park which is near the Johannesburg Tambo International Airport.
Present was Charles who will be coming to ABC this August. He is looking forward to a year of learning that will make him a more useful servant in the Johannesburg congregation. 
Also, Barry Mee was there, who was originally from Zimbabwe and has moved to South Africa. He spent his life's career in the telecom business.
Also, the new couple Simba and Michelle with their two little girls Joy and Peace joined us. What a delightful couple. He leads songs and gives sermonettes in the church and is now going to be going to Bloemfontein on occasion to speak. We need to keep moving our younger people up the ladder of church involvement.
Also present was Olga, who is always a source of scintillating conversation. Lastly, there was Bev and I, with the Fisher’s. All afternoon we talked with snacks being served.
Jason came by at 5:15 p.m….we ended up talking a few more hours and then went to the Webster’s home for supper before coming back to the Avalon.
Tomorrow we are off to Lilongwe!! Malawi is always an adventure and we are so excited to see all that’s going on there. Especially with Lewis and Lena VanAusdle being assigned there, and Brennan and Michala Hilgen being volunteers there. And we look forward to seeing the building project. Anxious to see what it looks like.
The adventure continues…
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Derrick Pringle

Barry Mee !! We knew him in Rhodesia days, seems like 100 years ago.
Would like to say "Hello" sometime