At the Centre and Church

Thursday, April 06, 2017
Lilongwe, Malawi
Today Bev and I decided to spend the day at the Church hall and the Business Centre. I needed to catch up with my regular work where I had some semblance of Internet. The Internet at the hotel I terrible. Intermittently, I can send some emails, but that's it.

At the office I had a visitor from another missionary group drop by to visit . He has a mutual friend in Michigan, Lynn Wendt whom I’ve known for almost 50 years. This man’s name was Joseph Asong.

We worked through the whole day here not taking time for lunch. Bev went into town with Juliana Kachali who works here at the Internet Café. They went to pick us some things for the office here such as waste baskets, window cleaner, soap dishes, toilet paper holders etc etc. Juliana had earlier gone to the bank. Standing in lines takes a lot of time, but no one is in a hurry.

When they came back, Bev spent three hours cleaning windows. She was there with a razor scraper and a Windex-like product called "Mr. Muscle."  Boy, did the windows look great! I see that we still use some WD-40 for healing some other annoyances around the office.  

In the afternoon Joseph and I talked about his paper Joseph is writing a thesis on the sustainability of NGO’s in Malawi for his Master’s Program .   We talked about what makes charities effective and what does not. There’s a balance between providing help for the disadvantaged and helping people make the next step to being self-sustaining and then rising even higher to passing on where they benefited to others. That’s the mission of LifeNets. So many NGO’s get caught up in practices that are not properly motivated such as being the result of programs that are motivated by national policy driven by politics. Or, they foster dependency and entitlement. When aid is withdrawn, recipients revert to worse than they were before and to me that is tragic. In my non-profit work starting with Ambassador Foundation and later to LifeNets I’ve learned a lot and have tried to make programs seamless from donor to recipient yielding self-sufficiency and dignity. We’re not there yet, but we know what needs to be done. LifeNets has been very blessed with many donors and has the respect of the people in the United Church of God, Rotary International and other organizations . We talked OUTCOMES of our work using the United Way program chart which you can see here at

We had dinner with Joseph and his wife Bertha at Mama Mia’s, our favorite place in Lilongwe. Nice quiet evening at a table outside away from the others. Talked about kids, life, education and lots more. Bertha works as an 11th and 12th grade teacher in school sponsored by a German NGO for abandoned children. Some children have gone on to college and have decent livelihoods.  

Another good day in Malawi.  
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Joseph Mughogho

It was a nice conversation where we shared a lot of experience and how best we can assist the vurnable and get the best outcomes from our programmers. It has been a blessing knowing people who have vast experience and passion to assist in the name of Beverly and Victor Kubik.