A Day at the Office

Friday, April 07, 2017
Lilongwe, Malawi
The day started with a meeting of the Building Committee. This time Francis was here. We went over the strategy to continue to finish the building now that we have released the contractor that we had before who was a disaster. Now we can by ourselves move forward to see a completion to the work project hopefully by the end of April (or May, whatever), but we do see the end in sight. Present was Roderick, Haiton, Alfred, Francis, Lewis, Joseph, Beverly. Lewis, Brennan and Michala. Cephas is not here. He has malaria. 

After the meeting I got with Lewis and gave him three media players that I had laying around my house . He can use them to put on sermons for people to listen to or to play mp3's of any kind. We had a good talk about his ministry here among the Malawians. I am so confident of him and our young people continuing faithfully to preach the word and care for people.

We had some snacks. Lewis got some cold frosty thing at our store. Mine was called "Super Maheu" and it tasted like chocolate buttermilk. I hadn’t thought of that combination before!

Then I caught up on my blogs, did some meditating on my sermon for tomorrow. Joseph is letting me use his office. The Internet at the office has been a bit disappointing. While I was able to upload text for my TravelPod stories, the photo upload would have been a stretch. So, will wait to do that when I get to better Internet. I enjoyed spending the entire day at the office and the church building. No need for me to do any touring around.

Bev is looking over things and went into town with her driver Julianna to buy more things for the bathroom . We decided to buy a new toilet and really talk to our builders to put these things in nicely and aesthetically. Bev then spent more time cleaning windows so that you could see through them without streaks or smears. We want the brethren here to really take pride and have a sense of stewardship about what is given to them. We hope that we can set a good example for them. In the meeting I was a bit sharp and chiding about them doing more to take care of things.   We really want to see this building when it’s finished and clean, the bathrooms working, toilet paper and soap dishes in proper places etc etc. They need to be shown what we want and told exactly what to do.  

We found that the Islam is growing here in Malawi. An interesting "incentive" program has been put in place. Money coming in from the outside is trying to increase the Islamic population. If a person converts a boy to Islam, they will receive 1,000,000 Malawi kwachas. that is $1351. If an Islamic man marries a Christian girl (meaning she will have to convert to Islam) you will be paid 3,000,000 Malawi kwachas which is $4,054. Interesting and ominous. 

Then Lewis took us back to the Guest Lodge and then came back with rest of “the four” and we all went to Mamma Mia’s for dinner and lively and alternatively light and serious discussion. I’m so “proud” of these four working here in Malawi. They are exactly what and who is needed here right now. 
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Love the travel blog. What wonderful servants of God. Thank you for sharing all that you have. Now we have faces to put with our prayers.