Sabbath in Lilongwe

Saturday, April 08, 2017
Lilongwe, Malawi
It is Sabbath morning and Lewis will pick us up at 9:15 am for all day at the church hall.

At breakfast we met Dr . Hans-Michael Steffen, a physician at the University of Cologne in Germany who is doing work with HIV here in Malawi. We sat at the same breakfast table together. He was polite, informative and kind.

He works with gastronomy and cardiology at the Klinik for Gastroenteroligie and Hepatologie as well as the University of Cologne. I told him about he work of our NG) LifeNets and the Church. He said that great strides have been made with diminishing HIV as people are living longer they are coming on to health problems that are more prevalent with age that many did not reach before. He talked about working with black bodily constitution that is prone to strokes and cardio problems.

We talked about the state of the world, Donald Trump, the Middle East, Russia and the horrific acts of genocide in Syria this past week. He vociferously expressed that there is no excuse whatever for gassing children or any of that kind of warfare. He called Assad a madman . I shared with him the fact that I was born in Hannover, Germany after War II of refugee parents and he acknowledged the dark times in Europe of the past century, but we both discussed that threatening times to the world's survival are once again upon us in Man’s inability to bring lasting peace…. especially with what’s happening in Syria and the Middle East.

Lewis came by right on the dot at 9:15 and off to Church! We thoroughly enjoy being with pastor Lewis and his wife Lena as well as Brennan and Michala Hilgen who we are getting to know very well. Two great couples who are performing a great service here in Malawi. Both Lewis and Brennan play guitar. Today Brennan is accompanying hymns as well as special music sung by a trio of himself, his wife Michala and Lena.

People come one by one into the half for worship services scheduled 10:30 am. We start about 10 minutes late which is not too bad. People have to come from all around using many forms of transportation, mostly bus . Only a few have vehicles and two of them are the Church van and the LifeNets car.  

So good to see Howard, Wordsworth, Mwai, Patricia, Beverly Chonde and many many others. We go back a long way with the churches in Malawi…all the way back to 1996 when we met the first Malawians at the Zimbabwe Feast site in Mutare. Then my first trip to Malawi in 2000. You can see the chronicle of our working in Malawi on the LifeNets Website at

Francis Ngpola gave a very fine sermonette about the profound redemption in Christ’s sacrifice. Then we had announcements by pastor Lewis VanAusdle followed by special music. The halls acoustics are very good!

Then I gave my sermon about the meaning of the Passover Bread and what we learn from bread during these Days of Unleavened Bread.

Broke for "five minutes" (which Lewis announced) which was more like 20 minutes and then had a Bible Study and interactive questions and answers . In the Bible Study we discussed the importance of taking care of what God has given us. Human beings were created to be stewards and managers. To “dress and keep” as it says in the second chapter of Genesis. We talked to them about the big push to finish the building and keep it maintained and clean. We have some final work to be done by craftsmen, but then there’s a lot of work to be done by the people in cleanup, planting flowers and making the grounds beautiful.

We then talked about the Feast of Tabernacles. The people overwhelmingly wanted to have their own Feast in Lilongwe. Many good reasons were given and I believe that that’s what we will do. They liked it here last year and that’s what we will do this year in a completed facility!

After the meeting we had snacks and coffee/tea. Then, with Nester Phiri, the six of us went to the Old DC restaurant by “the bridge” over the river downtown. Dinner for all 7 of us was $25. Great value for a tasty meal. I have Chambo fish, nsima and greens. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Then to Lewis’s home. He let me use his high speed 8 mps Internet to move a lot of photos up for these blogs Spent about two hours there and really enjoyed being with “the four” as animated conversation ensued. 
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Peggy Moss

Love this!!! Thank you for posting--hug Lena and Lewis from me!

Dwight Stewart

Please give our love from the San Antonio brethren.

Clive Germany

Thank you, Mr. Kubik for the work you do overseas in the name of our Father and our LORD JESUS CHRIST.