Sunday, April 09, 2017
Lilongwe, Malawi
We went over the Church building and LifeNets Business Centre on the early side. "The four" have a lot of setup to do in getting ready for the Passover tonight. I've always got work keeping up with matters back home via email, my blog and other prep for sermons and general reading and study.

Joseph came by in the morning to say good-bye . He is really an amazing person in his wisdom and professionalism who in large part responsible for how well things are going here. He understands finances very well. He respects what we have put into this place and is always thinking about how it can be done better.   Bev worked on scraping the windows and making them transparent. She worked about five hours.   

Roderick Thungula came by in the afternoon to cover some matters of the construction progress with Bev and me. We have terminated the contractor we had that was really taking too long a time to get the job done and will finish it ourselves. I think all the people here are wanting to really take this project to heart and hand. I’ve been comparing it to what was happening to the building the wall in Nehemiah’s time.

Roderick took us back to the guest house, but he only had his pickup truck with him. Only room Bev and him in the cab. So, I crawled into the back. The metal was HOT! But, I survived as we travelled the 20 minutes back to Mufumwe guest lodge . Strange combo of a black and white woman in the cab and a white guy riding in the back of the pickup.

The VanAusdles and Hilgens picked us up to go to the hall for Passover setup at 4 pm. Sunset is 5:45 PM. There is little twilight. It gets dark, and very dark very fast.

We got the Passover table set up as well as the footwashing arrangements. People came early and it was good to see our friends again. We were so glad to see Dr. Sam Chilopora and his wife Esther once again who came up from Ntcheu, more than a hundred miles south of here.

We then cleaned up and went home. But, I received notice from a family that left our fellowship in January 2011 who wanted to visit. They gave me their phone number. I called them and they were very happy to hear from us. I had performed this marriage here in Lilongwe in 2006. They agreed to stop by the lodge. The family now of four and her brother. We talked about old times and were genuinely happy to be with one another!

It was a good day today. Tomorrow to Blantyre for the Night to Be Much Remembered and the Days of Unleavened Bread.

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