Blantyre Building Committee/Hussein family

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Blantyre, Malawi
In the morning Bev and I walked down the road outside our guest house. People who meet us are so friendly on the road. One woman came up to ask us how we're doing and what we will be doing and suggested some things for us to see. Mosquitos have been a bit of a problem. This particular guest house has a few too many pools of water around and we counter with Mossie spray, citronella, and DOOM.

Gracious Mpilangwe picked us up at 9:45 am and the day began Building Committee meeting at the church building site shortly after 10 am . It is truly and imposing building that's being built that will serve the needs of not only a church, but be a conference center, youth camp site and serve the community possibly in other ways.

For the record, here is the location of the building:

Limbe Township
Pioneer Drive Kanjedza Forest
LW (Limbe West) 1293

It is opposite Soche College

The building is costing us more than we thought (surprise, surprise!), with all the usual reasons and excuses. One is inflation for the cost of materials, (but we counter that with the fact that we send over US dollars that buy more Malawi Kwachas). We strongly encourage them to control costs and stated that finishing the building is a number one priority and that further LifeNets programs will be put on hold until we get the building done. The quality of work is good. They were praising the roofers who were from Tanzania who do great work . Some, not critical items such as paving may be held off until future fundraisers. We need to get the building functions for the church services and for the Youth Camp and the Feast of Tabernacles. The structure can be seen for a good distance around and we look to is as being a blessing in the Church’s ability to serve God and community.

After the church building meeting, we drove to the site of one of our humanitarian projects. Last year I reported about the unimaginable poverty of a family of 12 living in one room Ten kids!

We are LifeNets determined that this was something that needed rectification and for a relatively modest amount the Luker Foundation that resides within LifeNets funded a plot of ground and a modest dwelling. The house is done. They have a place to raise vegetables and maize. They are not far from a stream that provides water . We are overjoyed. They live about two miles from the church property, but getting there is easier said than done. We’re almost there and the road is closed and even impassable on foot and have to take another circuitous route around. The last 1/3 mile or so we have to hike. The road is trenches with ridges. The Hussein family, the occupants of the house was there to greet us and show us around. Personally, we were overjoyed to relieve conditions like this. We realize that we can’t do this for everyone, but we could do it for them. We took a video of the family expressing their thanks to LeeAnn Luker for her help.

Also, before we went out to Hussein’s home, we dropped off 88-year-old GG Chikaza at his home and visited with him and his granddaughter who is one of our scholarship students. Her name is Tiyamike (meaning Grateful) Chikaza.    

After the Hussein home visit, Gracious drove us back to the Casa Mia, but we first went to Galetos Chicken, a tasty place to eat for late lunch/early dinner

In the evening I got caught up with my work with the home office and the eNews .

Agnes Katsonga (from the day before) dropped by and brought us Malawi jumbo peanuts for the road.

Up early tomorrow, We get an email from Ethiopian Airlines that we no longer have a non-stop flight from Blantyre to Lusaka. We now go up to Lilongwe again, then to Harare and finally Zambia. Arghh….


Daniel red and blue stripe

Pariza dad

Agnes mother

Reginald stripe down

Kingsley white shirt later
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God has surely blessed the two of you with the stamina to keep on truckin'!! I am so grateful to God for both of you; your examples and your love for our brethren!