A day with the Talama's in Lusaka

Friday, April 14, 2017
Lusaka, Zambia
Today is our day with Major Nawa Talama and his wife Felicia. A good day as we visited an ailing deacon, did some touring of Lusaka and had an early dinner with them at our hotel and talked for a few hours.

The hotel we're staying at is very comfortable . No mosquitos, great Internet. If you get that, you’re well on the way to good fortune in travelling in this part of the world.

We went to the home of deacon Jonathan Litaba who has not been able to attend services since last September. He has had very high blood pressure and critical episodes with his diabetes. I have seen Jonathan before in the Copperbelt region of Zambia as deacon in the Mufulira congregation. He has maintained a house here in Lusaka and has moved back. He is a very valuable servant as he has organized activities for the youth, speaks and song leads in church and generally does a lot of good for the people here.

We were greeted by his wife Agnes who was baptized last year. She surprised him with the news. She told us the story and it was touching. In the house was his son Joseph, daughter Melody and nephews Keegan and Simon.

We talked a lot about what’s happening in his life . He has found some herbal remedies to be helpful. I anointed him with Major Talama.

Jonathan is the person who had connected miraculously in a story I’ve told often about the people in NW Zambia who were trying to find the Church after being abandoned by WCG. I’ve told the story on my website at


In his house, he stored seed and fertilizer for the planting. This was from the contributions of the Cincinnati East congregation in the past year. The people in the church are prepared. The seed and fertilizer is stored in the dining room

It was a nice visit and Jonathan will be on my regular prayer list.

From here we drove by the nearby American Embassy. Then the Talama’s wanted to show us the burial places for Zambian presidents. Today is Good Friday and many places are closed as GF is a national holiday . When we came to the gate we saw the entry price. It was a $15.00 entry fee for foreigners like Bev and me. It was 80 cents for locals. Quite a discount. Major told the person at the gate that was exorbitant. Discussion between the person at the gate and Major ensued for a few moments and then we suddenly were let in for free. The gate person is also the tour guide and gave us an excellent guided tour that featured Zambian history since independence in October 1964. We found out that he was also a Pentecostal minister who was intrigued that I was president of the United Church of God. He wanted literature explaining more about us. Major will provide the Fundamental Beliefs and other literature for him. We gave him a nice tip for giving us the tour.

From here we went to the Lusaka Museum where we were the only people in it. The museum was extremely interesting about the people of Zambia through the ages. There were historical, tribal, archeological and political displays. I learned a lot about Zambia in one session today at both places Major took us to .

Then we came back to our hotel and had an early dinner. We had several things to talk about the church. We are going to make the three pastors in Zambia report more directly the senior pastor who is Aaron Dean. We also talked about dividing the Zambia projects by pastor, as well. We needed to have this talk to agree on some matters face to face. I really appreciate the work done by all the leaders in Zambia.

The Talama’s drove home and Bev and I are preparing for the Sabbath tomorrow and meeting our Lusaka friends again.
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