Final thoughts / Jorge

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Hebron, Kentucky, United States
Our journey is almost at an end and I’ll end with a few summary notes about it. I have really enjoyed every aspect of this trip, mostly all the contacts with the various people. I have heard so much about Maloca de Moscou, but to truly understand it and how everything is laid out you have to visit here in person. 
I was so pleased to be able to come with Jorge de Campos to visit Maloca de Moscou. In our work to “Prepare a People,” I felt that this was a very profitable action to teach and learn from others. We were with the people only three days, but did spend the entire day and had great opportunities to talk.  The people have all the same desires and feelings we do. These people have the same Spirit of God that works the same way in all Christians.  We all love God, obey Him, love our families and our neighbor. We strive to be faithful to God in the same manner. 
God loves all people. All races.  All lives matter to God.  In my work around the world, I’ve been able to sense God’s consistency with diversity and see a very beautiful work that He is doing in bringing many sons to glory.    
Another wonderful aspect of the trip was getting to know Jorge de Campos. I first met him briefly at the Feast of Tabernacles in Uvongo, South Africa 21 years ago.  Then in 2000, I stayed with him and his family in Johannesburg, South Africa when I went to Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabawe for the first time.  I’ll have to say that staying with the de Campos’ family was a memorable experience.  I have an interesting diary note from past trips at about that visit
On this trip, we learned a lot about things that are common for us.  Jorge grew up in Mozambique and talked about his life there when it was still under colonial rule.  He spoke of peaceful times.  At age 16 his educational opportunities became unattractive in Mozambique and he decided to go to South Africa to finish high school. He wanted to pursue a technical career. He moved there in 1965.  He knew no English at all at that time and had to learn in on his own. In 1968 he came into contact with the Truth of God and was baptized in 1970.   
Both Jorge and I have had similar experiences as aliens in how we were affected and adapted to the new country in which we now lived.  Mozambique was facing hard times and a terrorist revolution ensued in a proxy war in which The Soviet Union and China sided with the terrorists against the colonialists who were supported by the European and Americans.  The terrorists overwhelmingly won out against the small minority but then fought a civil war amongst themselves as the MPLA and UNITA. You can read more about this at On April 25, 1974, Portugal let go of both Angola and Mozambique as their territories and they became independent countries.  This revolution then inspired the long civil war in Rhodesia and it succumbed to despotic rule.  It’s interesting that while we were on our trip Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was deposed and a new government put in place.
I deeply respect Jorge as a Christian, fellow worker, faithful man and value his friendship.  His determination to produce so much Portuguese content is amazing…everything from translated materials, sermons and pastoring.
Our last three flights home to Panama City, Washington DC and Cincinnati were uneventful.  We came home about 6:30 pm Wednesday night. So nice to be without checked luggage. Off the plane to shuttle to Valu Park and home in short order!
What a trip!