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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Batavia, Ohio, United States
Visit to Chile and Argentina Next Week
Beverly and I will leave Wednesday on a two-week visit to Chile and Argentina. Peter and Terri Eddington will also be coming. We plan to speak in Santiago a week from this Sabbath. Also, we will conduct a leadership seminar and a mid-week Bible Study that will be webcast to our other congregations in South America.
We will then travel to neighboring Argentina where we will meet with a Sabbath-keeping group with whom we have established a friendship and to whom we are offering support. On March 1, 2017, Dr. Don Ward, on behalf of the Council of Elders, wrote the following to them:
"After a recent presentation by Mario Seiglie, the senior pastor of the Spanish regions, concerning your request to have a close working relationship with the United Church of God, an International Association (UCGIA), the Council of Elders and the administration of UCGIA wish to convey our strong support for your request to serve your congregations in administrative and pastoral areas.
"Your story and spiritual journey to follow God's Word in faithful obedience is truly inspiring and reminds us that our Heavenly Father calls those whom He will call, where He will call them, and when He will call them to follow Jesus Christ (John 6:44). It gives us cause to rejoice when we consider how great and loving our God truly is. It is one thing to take a stand, but it is clearly inspiring to see people remain standing for God's ageless truths--including keeping the Sabbath and all of God's Feast days.
"In honor of your request, we will be sending pastors and ministers, including Jaime Gallardo and Jaime Diaz, to serve your spiritual needs. Please receive them in the spirit of brotherly love and respect. We have the utmost confidence in their stewardship as dedicated ministers of Jesus Christ and as bridge-builders between peoples who share common beliefs."
You can follow our travels on TravelArk where we will post up-to-date reports at http://v2.travelark.org/travel-blog/victorkubik/22
In the past, we have had contact with various Sabbath-keeping groups in Argentina and Uruguay. Even our Sabbath-keeping brothers in Ukraine have visited them. I have recently posted a summary of this and a recounting of one of our visits to Uruguay and Argentina in 1994 that can be seen at http://kubik.org/argentina-sabbatarians/.
We have written similar letters to Sabbath-keepers in Angola and now in Mizoram, India, expressing similar sentiments.
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