Stuck at CVG. Another bumpy start

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Hebron, Kentucky, United States
Last year when we traveled to Africa in the spring of the year our flight delay from Cincinnati caused us to miss our flight from Washington DC to Johannesburg, South Africa.  Something similar is developing this year as our flights to Atlanta were canceled today.  

At first all was on target.  Today our first flight was to be to Atlanta and routinely connecting to a flight all the way to Santiago, Chile.  The flight was not until 6:40 PM and I had all day to get last things ready for the long trip.

But, we were notified that the flight was delayed, and delayed again.  Now, we're in danger of missing our connection to South America from Atlanta.  Now, we're texted by Delta that we 're rebooked on an EARLIER flight.  We hurriedly called Aaron Dean to please help us get to the airport.  He was only five minutes away and came by right away as we scrambled to get our last minutes things together, hoping that nothing was going to be left behind.  

Aaron came.  We made it easily to the airport which almost seemed abandoned.  Lots of flights cancelled because Atlanta was not accepting many flights due to the rare winter snow coming.  

We were given boarding passes and went for the gate.  Within 20 minutes we were told that THAT flight was canceled, too!   I was amazed how patient the people at the waiting area were.....who had sat there for three hours.  

We were auto rebooked on a flight TWO days fly all through the night Friday.  Unacceptable....  We talked to the friendly gate agent Sarah who worked diligently and got us to Santiago only ONE day later, but through LaGuardia, New York, JFK, on an Argentine airline to Buenos Aires and then to Santiago.

Delta was kind to give us a complimentary room at the airport Marriott and dinner.  They treated this disturbance with their customers VERY WELL.  

So, in the morning we leave early for New York and hopefully will have no more delays.
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