Arrived in Santiago!

Friday, January 19, 2018
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
We arrived in Buenos Aires at 4 am from New York.  The gate agent back in New York working for Aerolineas Argentinas gave us bulkhead seats which was so nice for having the extra space for no more cost.  The flight was ten and a half hours. 
In Buenos Aires we could not transit to our flight to Santiago.  We had to go through immigration, baggage claim, customs and recheck and go through umpteen checks. But, we're in good spirits.  
The flight to Santiago was two hours across the spectacular Andes Mountains.  Snow covered in the middle of summer.  The highest peak is over 24,000 feet and the tallest mountain is the highest in the western hemisphere....
Immigration and customs were quick.  Mario Seiglie was waiting for us at the meeting point and we quickly headed to the downtown Santiago hotel where we will stay.
Mario is full of information about Santiago.  He served here for 21 years as pastor and has since served 16 years in Garden Grove, California, living in Anaheim.  I have always appreciated him and his wife Caty, very faithful servants really caring about people in a particularly wonderful way  On the 1/2 drive to the hotel, he told history of the area and about the geography of what makes Chile the long and skinny country it is.  It is now the most prosperous country in South America (and you can see it!).   
After checking in, Bev, Mario and I had lunch and getting all set for the activities of the days ahead!  
We got some rest and went to an outside pool on the second floor of the hotel.  It was hot!  It is the middle of summer here and we're getting adjusted from freezing temperatures in Cincinnati. 
Then Mario picked us to go to a wedding party dinner, but first we toured a little about town. We went up a major hill overlooking the city called Sanctuary on San Cristobal Hill.  A large 14 meter high statues of Virgin Mary overlooks the city.  There were some terrific view of all of Santiago, a city of 8 million people.  Half the population of Chile lives right here in Santiago.  There were park-like areas and a huge public pool.  The Church had picnics and socials up here at the pool.
 Tonight the wedding party and some guests from afar had a group dinner at a restaurant.  About 30 were there from the Roig family and the Fenchel's and many others.  It was a nice quiet outdoor location.  Great evening of socializing and good food!
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