January 20 in Santiago

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
This morning we get ready for church services that start at 10:30 am.  I’m a morning person and I like morning church better than afternoon.  I got my sermon message for the people finalized and printed at the business office. Peter Eddington will be the first speaker and I’ll go next.

We drove ½ hour to the Church building.  The congregation was buzzing as we came in.  Lots of people.  We have our group from the United States here mostly for the wedding here tomorrow.   The building is very nice with a garage for church vehicles.  They have a ten-year lease on this property that they use all through the week.On the wall outside the church property and office there are many graffiti-like paintings.  Graffiti artists are hired to put their artistic work to good use. It enhances a neighborhood instead of looking like vandalism.  All through the city you see huge murals on sides of buildings of various kinds of urban art that are fun to watch.  I am sharing a number of the places in this posting.  There are dozens and dozens of them!  Through Mario and Caty Seiglie, we feel that we know a lot of the people here in the Santiago church already….at least through the Roig family.  Caty has a brother Gerardo and sister Mercedes. I’m going to include the family tree in the next post to keep them all straight.
Peter Eddington did a fine job in talking about the subject of marriage.  Very proper for this weekend.  I followed with a message about what is the Church and what the United Church of God is doing now around the world….in both the ministry and proclamation through the media. 
We met all the scholarships students in Santiago.  A really nice group of young adults….I am so thankful for them. 
Then we all went out to ­­­­­Marco Medina’s home for a barbecue.  South American barbecues are a sensation. They love to barbecue and this one was terrific.  Lots of fellowship. I think about half the church came out or the event. The weather is perfect.  Similar to Southern California. Warm and dry. No mosquitoes!
We had the chance to visit with a lot of the people and had a great meal. We were publicly given a gift of a large copper plate.  The largest copper mine in the world is in northern Chile.  I was asked to give a short speech.  This is such a joyous event with everyone sharing stories, laughter and joy.  
We have appreciated meeting and spending time with Victor and Jacquelyn De Jong.  Jacquelyn is one the Seiglie's daughters. She is a medical doctor. He is originally from the Netherlands and works in finance in Boston. 
It was a great day. Tomorrow is the wedding as everyone is anticipating a wonderful event when all things come together!  
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