From Santiago, Chile to Oberá, Argentina

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Oberá, Misiones Province, Argentina
Today was our travel day between our wonderful stay in Santiago and our final destination for the day in Oberá in the Misiones region of Argentina.  This is an area tucked in between Paraguay, and Brazil.  To get there, you must fly first to Buenos Aires and then fly to Posadas and then drive to the final destination which is Oberá in the Misiones.  It is a little narrow piece of land wedged between Paraguay and Brazil.  Posadas is on the huge Parana River which is the border of Argentina and Paraguay.  
Good-bye Chile!  Chile is where the ladies greet you and say good-bye with a kiss on the cheek.  I had never been kissed so much.  I got used to it and liked it!  It gets better in Argentina as they kiss you on BOTH cheeks.  
On our flight from Santiago to Argentina, we landed at the smaller airport mostly used for domestic flights.  It is right on the Rio de la Plata that separates Argentina from Uruguay.  We were met at the airport by our lone Argentinian UCG member, Susana Currazco.  She has remained faithful while alone in this big country.   We had almosto six hours layover between flights.  We took a taxi to a restaurant and spent the afternoon in very enjoyable discussion with one another.  Her visitors are few.  Her husband is not in the Church; he's in the musical entertainment business. 
There is also one member in Uruguay by the name of Estelle.  Lots of population around, but few people.  We were told that there are 17 million people living in the Buenos Aires metro area.  
We then flew an hour and quarter up to Posadas.  There we were met by Mario Ritter and his wife Rosanna and daughter Francie and son Giovanni.  They are among the leaders of the group that we have a relationship with in Obera.  They took us up to Obera where we stayed at a hotel in town.  We are looking forward to our days with these people!
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