A Long Day!

Saturday, January 27, 2018
Oberá, Misiones Province, Argentina
It was a short night and today we have to leave for church at 8:15 am.  Church lasted from 9 am to 5:30 pm.  Mario Ritter stopped by the hotel to guide us to services which were in park-like area.  The meeting was in a shelter-like structure. It was nice because there was moving air, a light breeze much of the day.  
We arrived and started meeting people who welcomed us warmly.  One notable man I met was Ladik (Vladislav) Malchevsky and wife Manka or Maria in Spanish  He was Ukrainian and spoke it perfectly.  I had someone to speak to all day and help me with translations. His brother was Miguel Malchevsky who was a leader in the Commandment-Keeping Church.  That’s who Ivan Yurishko visited in 1996.  I have that story on my Website at http://kubik.org/argentina-sabbatarians/ 
I’m putting the entire story together. When Ivan Yurishko and Oleh Pavliy visited in 1996 it was still the Commandment-Keeping Church.  Since that time this church has been separated from them because of the Holy Days.  That occurred in 2013.  
I really appreciated my time with Ladik Malchevsky.  I found out more about the people and the settlement of the various people from Europe in this area. Ladik, while 86 years old, was born here in Misiones. 
When we walked in music was a playing. Benjamin who picked us up yesterday was playing a full-size harp. There was an accordion, trumpet and several guitars.  And singing.  Ariel Burger and his sister Rosanna Ritter singing away as a duet.
Services started.  We all knelt down in prayer and thanked God for the week  it was beautiful. Mario gave the first message which was a time-line of God working with humanity and the Church. 
I followed and spoke about the Kingdom of God, the heart and core of Jesus Christ’s Gospel. 
There are many young couples with children.  Lots of children.  The people seem to be well-to-do.  About 13 late model cars including an SUV.  The men are tall mostly of German and European stock.  A very able and progressive congregation.
Some time after the first service a nice lunch was served.   Lots of good things.  And, a huge platter of barbecue meat.  It was all so tasty and wonderful. 
The afternoon Bible Study started at 3 pm.  There were some people who were not able to make it to the morning service that came now.  Mario spoke first and then I followed with my message which was Ephesians ONE:  The plan of God for mankind. 
Afterwards more talking. And dessert!  Finally, about 5:30 pm we headed back for the hotel for a bit of rest. 
Then we drove out to the radio station to be on a regular three hour radio program   
One of the members manages/owns an FM radio station.  His name is Esteban Freiberger.  He speaks continually about our beliefs and Holy Days.  He plays Mario Seiglie’s and Jaime Gallardo’s sermons.  14 people have started coming to services as a result of the daily radio. 
Esteban controls the radio station as one associated with the United Church of God and gives all the time we want.  He has spoken at length about the Holy Days and Festivals of God. 
Again, to repeat, Mario Ritter is one of the leaders of this group that keeps the Holy Days.   There are two congregations in Primavera and Alem totaling about 75 people. 
In 2013 they were asked not to come to the Commandment-Keeping Church  because they believed in keeping the Holy Days.  The Commandment-Keeping Church did keep the Passover and the Day of Pentecost
This group that kept the Holy days had no leader and still to this day have no one who could be classified as a deacon, much less an elder. 
They found the UCG online as a Church that keeps the Holy Days and liked our clear explanation of the HOLY DAYS better than any other explanation they had previously.  They knew that they had to keep them. 
They contacted our ministry in Chile who have come here to visit them since October 2015. Our ministers travel to Obera once a month.  
The UCG COE wrote them a letter of friendship from us pledging to maintain our friendship and providing pastoral care.  
OK.  So tonight the radio program started at 8 pm.
Mario went first and gave some of the sermon that he given earlier in the day.   He would speak in 10-15 minute lengths. Then there would be some Christian music played.  The playlist was composed of German music.
Then it was my turn.
I didn’t know what they wanted me to cover on the radio program.  So I gave a shortened version of the day’s earlier sermon on the Kingdom of God and spoke first about the state of the world.  I broke it up into 10-15 minute periods. 
I talked about world conditions and how conditions would be before the return of Jesus Christ and how Christ described how the age will end and referred to Matthew 24:22.  I found myself getting more bold as I spoke.  There was no audience I could see.  I needed no eye contact.  Just my Bible and notes spread before me.  I can see myself doing more of this when there is ample time to talk like we did tonight. 
The radio station is called Atalaya  and is located 100.1 on the FM dial.  It has a non-profit license and operates on only 600 watts.  They hope to upgrade their license to broadcast with higher power.   The station has a 80 km (50 mile) range and reaches into nearby into Paraguay and Brazil
As we spoke we saw a computer screen showing us the direction of the program with queued music selections.   Also, an e-Sword version of the Bible was up.  Some of the musical selections queued up were German and Ukrainian choirs. 
Also listeners were invited to text in questions while we were on the air.  A few came in for Mario and it looked like one for me.
Esteban’s wife came in with a glasses of water for us. 
We finished about 9:30 and drove back on a rainy night to our hotel. 
Mario and I were hungry and stopped at a hamburger place by the hotel.  The hamburger actually had a steak in it. 
We went to bed about midnight full of thoughts and impressions of the day.  What a day!  
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