Journey's End - Thoughts.....

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Hebron, Kentucky, United States
After a wonderful three days in Misiones that was most profitable and revealing, it was time to go home.  Mario and Rosanna Ritter and along with their children helped take us to Posadas on Sunday night after the full-day picnic in Obera that I wrote about on January 29.  It's an hour plus drive to Posadas on the Parana River.  We stayed in a hotel there because we had a relatively early flight to Buenos Aires the next morning. At the hotel we had a light supper with the Ritter's.

The next morning to the airport. and one hour fifteen minute flight following the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires city airport.  There we got a shuttle to take us to the international airport from where the Seiglie's flew to Houston and we to Atlanta.  We had 7 hours at the airport.  Our super duper lounge pass was invalid!  So, we had make to.  We sat at Hard Rock cafe, had lunch and just talked all afternoon.  On WhatsApp I was able to make a few phone calls to the home office and take care of business.  It will take time to process all the wonderful things that took place these last 11 days, but it was a lot!  A lot of thoughts are entering my mind about evangelism and working with other groups.  
We  thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Seiglie's and their life's work.  May God bless them with all the things that they have their hands in. 
January 29th was our anniversary and I told Bev that it is remarkable that I can take her all the way to Buenos Aires for our anniversary celebration!  
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Thank you for your service. I am so happy that Bev can be there serving beside you!

Bernie Monsalvo

Congratulations on your anniversary! It is a big blessing to have a wife. Thank you for all the pictures and commentaries. I enjoyed visiting with you via the Internet. It was nice to meet some of our brethren in Misiones.

Lorraine Barnett

Loved going "with you" on your travels. Very excited to meet brethren and see those marvelous smiles! Thank you again for your faithful service!!! and...Congratulations on your anniversary!!