Starting thoughts on a really big trip to Africa!

Monday, March 19, 2018
Dulles, Virginia, United States
At this moment I'm with Bev in the United Airlines passenger lounge at Washington DC Dulles International Airport.  We have a five-hour and forty minute layover, but it's comfortable. There are goodies, soup and snacks. And very comfortable chairs. I'm able to keep up with my communications with people I need to stay in touch with. 

Here are our thoughts on our journey to Africa.  Africa and its people have become a big part of our lives.  We love the people and all the experiences that we have had there. Some of our closest friends are there and we always look forward to being with them. There is an innocence and beauty in the people. They are also very poor and it is our strong desire to help them as we can. 

In 1999 I started LifeNets charity to help with Ukraine, but that quickly spread to helping Africa after travelling there for the Feast of Tabernacles in 1997. I was able to get connected with government humanitarian container programs and was able to send over literally tons of stuff.

I was not involved with African countries with church directly until early 2011. That's when there was a large minister-orchestrated attempted takeover of the Church.  It was one of the most painful experiences I ever went through with betrayals of people we felt close to, but I have largely recovered as we have recovered the vast majority of the relationships and hope that reconciliation with the rest will happen. A lot of people were hurt by those who are supposed to protect them as shepherds.  
As we are in the Passover season which is an important time of forgiveness and reconciliation we want to experience a higher level and standard of Christian conduct.  Perhaps we will learn to do that from the inside out.  I forgive those who have trespassed and caused unintended consequences in so many relationships and effected our common mission.  
Our trip will begin in South Africa staying with Jason and Monique Webster in Pretoria.  They have a wonderful young family with four children. He will be picking us up at Johannesburg airport Tuesday evening.  We will also stay with Arthur Fisher and his wife Gail.  They live near the main airport and it will be easier for us get to our flight to Lilongwe, Malawi on Thursday. 

We are also looking forward to visiting and spending time with Brennan and Michala Hilgen who are working for the Church in Lilongwe.  He is actually reporting to Lewis VanAusdle who is currently pastor of New York City. 
We boarded our South Africa flight for a 5:40 p.m. departure that actually left at 6 p.m.  Off we go!
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