Arrived Johannesburg; Staying with the Websters

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Bev and I have arrived safely in South Africa. Our flight from the United States to South Africa was uneventful and we were actually able to sleep more than usual on the 17-hour leg from Washington D.C. via Accra, Ghana on into Johannesburg.  Jason Webster met us at the airport.  We have lots of luggage that includes four 50 pound suitcases, plus carry-ons, back pack and other things we could hold or wear.  Most of it will be left behind in the areas we visit.
Jason and Monique Webster have a beautiful family with four children. We thoroughly enjoyed being with them tonight and look forward to tomorrow.
We spent the evening with a nice dinner prepared by Monique.  Then we just talked and played with their children.   
Jason and I discussed a lot about the church here and elsewhere in South Africa.  There is great need for more leadership training.  They really desire the contact with us in the US.  The summer camp and ABC training held in late December was greatly appreciated and they would like to have it done again.  We want to do as many of these events as we can.  It is quite a long way here, but we are always trying to plan it with the manpower and finances that we have. 
So far, so good!
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Filius C. Jere, Chipata UCG, Zam

My wife and I are following your trip keenly and anxious to link up in Lilongwe. So far, our prayers have kept Satan at bay and we see no reason why we should fail to meet you on 1-3 April. It's like an auto going to the gas station!