Visit to the Hussein family

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Limbe, Southern Region, Malawi
Today we are still basking in the wonderful events of yesterday’s dedication of the new Blantyre, Malawi church building. It was truly a wonderful day, but the nicest was being with all the people who we have gotten to know here in Malawi since our first becoming acquainted with them 22 years ago… in 1996 when we first met a few in Zimbabwe.
Gracious Mpilangwe came by at 10 a.m.  We have lots of things to talk about regarding the Church here.  He does a very good job as pastor.  He is very organized and likes to see things done in order.  The people respect him for that here.
I wanted to go over with him what kind of schedule he maintains for the church through the week and on the weekends.  He only has one church, and a nice one at that.
On the Sabbath in addition to the Sabbath service, he has a Bible Study for various groups such as youth, families etc.  He has extended periods of time also when people can come and counsel about various matters.  His wife Loney also has meetings with the women.  On the fourth week of the month he holds a Spokesman’s Club patterned after the ones of old.  
We discussed the church office from where the Beyond Today magazine is mailed out and literature fulfilled.  We discussed evangelistic activity in Blantyre and he is going to do literature displays in the places adjacent to stores like Shoprite.
We talked about the speakers and leaders they have here and they are very blessed to have a great motivated group.  This includes Osborn Liyao, Ken Maere, Dennis Chiwanga, GG Chikaza and Daniel Ringo.  He does have a close and motivated team.
We also talked about camp for the kids. 
For some time now, the finances for these activities will be greatly curtailed as the resources have gone into the building of the church.  But, seeing the church building and the stable home it offers for all such activities, it shines a new light on the means of doing these things.
The Feast of Tabernacles will be held here at the Church site.  It is such a beautiful facility, that is makes you want to be in the middle of it doing other things. 
We discussed holding future meetings for training here in Blantyre.
Daniel Ringo came by about 11 a.m. and we all talked some more.  Daniel is the church accountant now.  He has really become a most reliable young man.
Then we went to the Chichiri Shopping Center where the Shoprite is located and had lunch. 
Then we went out the Palizo and Agnes Hussein’s place on the slopes of Mount Sochi.  We built their family a small house last year.  They have about 12 children and where they were living was inhumane.  It’s quite a jaunt to get there because you have to walk the last half mile to their place because of the road. 
We talked about how they could supplement their income.  We are talking about putting a community borehole on their property and they could make money off of that. We talked about all kinds of things like that.
It has been a hot day in the mid-eighties and it’s been a bit tiring.  Bev and I came back to the hotel and rested in the evening.  During this time I like to catch up on pictures and writing this blog.
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The sunset is gorgeous. Thanks for the photos of "Malawi Life."

LeeAnn Luker

So many wonderful memories of our time there with you 6 years ago - and now, a joy to see the blessings and progress in both Lilongwe and Blantyre with the buildings and other projects. Much love to everyone!