Last Day in Blantyre - Good-bye's

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Limbe, Southern Region, Malawi
Mark Katsonga Phiri came by promptly at 9 a.m. to go out to the Church building.  Our construction foreman, member Dickson Chiwaya was there as well as Gracious Mpilangwe.
We showed him around the building—all the various rooms, the kitchen, the hostels…everything.  He was quite impressed with what he saw.  You can see the photos of his personal tour of our building.
Then from there we went to the home of a very dear friend who left in early 2011 with COGWA.  We really miss him and have visited him previously on a visit to Blantyre, Malawi.  It was a wonderful visit where we recounted knowing each other and working together since 2001 when I first met them in Lilongwe.
Then Gracious took us back to the hotel.
Then the evening was spent at Gracious and Loney’s home.  She prepared a wonderful meal. Also a few others were present, Osborn and Grace Liyao, Dennis and Flora Chinangua (sp?) as well as their little two and a half-year old nephew Blessing.  Then the Mpilangwe boys Gracious Jr. and Mapopa. 
This entry is short... but I make up for it in photos.
Tomorrow morning we leave by bus at 7 a.m. back to Lilongwe as our African journey continues…
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Dan Ringo

Great day it was, how I wish I had the power to make you stay in Blantyre a little bit longer.